Just delivering mail? Try delivering profit.

Mail & Ship

Delivering mail in your law firm? Try delivering profit.

Managing a mail room at a law firm can be a complex and thankless task. While your firm is selling professional services, confidentiality and data protection, you’re probably racing up and down corridors with packages and mail and a book and a pen.

There’s a mismatch, which is likely costing you time, money and – quite possibly -- your clients.

Inbound package tracking management software reduces strain on your already limited time and resources. It frees you up to do your job accurately and professionally. When package arrives, you simply scan a barcode to get the package in the system. The system then automatically emails the intended recipient. 

Regardless of how the package gets to the recipient, you’ll have an auditable trail from the signature or a security badge scan. No more packages left on chairs or taken by colleagues and no more ‘misunderstandings’ about whether a crucial piece of client paperwork was delivered. You can track every single mail piece from your smart device at any time. You know what it is, where it is and who has it.

Far more important is the impact the software will have on the service your firm provides to clients. You will get more done in less time and reduce risk. Optimizations like this free up time and positively contribute the bottom line. That’s right, your mailroom can contribute to the legal firm’s reputation and bottom line.

Working across various sites? On a train? On holiday and just curious as to how the new bit of kit is getting on? You can even access the software remotely, in the cloud, and get a real-time view. You’ll never have to say ‘I’ll get back to you’ or ‘give me a couple of days to look through the paperwork’.

Legal clients are increasingly looking at cost and service level agreements (SLAs). This means that firms are having to look closely at processes in order to make themselves more efficient. If your firm is going to meet these challenges, it needs to make sure nothing is missed, nothing is lost and nothing is unaccounted for. Inbound package tracking management software, like SendSuite Tracking Online by Pitney Bowes, works in tandem with your current software to make the mail room watertight. Data, relationships, reputations and revenue are all protected.

A 21st century mailroom should be a department that contributes. With SendSuite Tracking Online, you’ll be efficient, help keep client data safe, and make sure cash flow is uninterrupted. Ultimately, you’ll help your firm work smarter. The average office worker spends over an hour a week searching for deliveries. How many employees are there in your firm? What are their hourly rates? Why are you still clasping a notepad and pen?

Nobody will ever ask you if you had a good day at work ever again. From the spring in your step and the smile on your face, they’ll know that you did.

SendSuite® Tracking Online is exactly the kind of modern, tech-driven solution that can help legal firms reduce mailroom operational costs, unburden front-office employees and guarantee that personnel are receiving and sending the packages they need, on time and to their intended recipients, with transparent reporting all along the way.

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