Small online retailers look to increase international sales in 2016

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Small online retailers look to increase international sales in 2016

International confidence is high among the UK’s small online retailers with over half aiming to increase international sales in both new and existing markets in 2016 - be ready for growth with shipping solutions from Pitney Bowes.

Posted on, March 1, 2016, by Chris Dawson.


The annual tracker revealed that Australasia has seen the most significant increase in interest as an export destination: 23% of small online retailers believe it holds the greatest opportunity for export sales growth, compared to just 55 last year. Asia has also increased in importance as a target export destination; 26% believe it holds significant sales opportunities, up from 12% last year.

Europe remains the main target for exports: nearly half of SME retailers are aiming to sell their products in the Eurozone in 2016. This compares to just a third last year. Meanwhile the USA is seen to present the greatest opportunity for UK small online retailers in the next five years by 30% of SMEs interviewed.

For us this means in addition to the default UK marketplaces, eBay and Amazon, that sites such as New Zealand’s Trade Me, China’s Alibaba sites and should be top of your expansion plans and if you’re not already selling to the USA it’s time to do so.

Of those who sell overseas, nearly two thirds actively promote their international delivery service to attract foreign customers. A third only offer international delivery options at check-out and do not advertise beyond that, while another 10% will offer international delivery only if specifically asked.


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