Maximise office productivity

DM400M Digital Franking Machine

Be an innovator. Be creative. Use franked mail to promote your business. Before they even open the envelope, let customers and potential customers know that you have a product or service they may need.

The digital meter of the DM400M satisfies all current postal regulations, and the technology it uses is flexible enough to make the DM400M perfect for a business that aspires to grow. If your strategic objectives involve expanding your customer base or an increase in direct marketing campaigns, you can feel confident your mail will be dealt with at optimum efficiency - which, in this challenging economic climate, is one less thing to worry about.

The DM400M can save your growing business time and money. Read about its features and specifications in the DM400M brochure.



Up to 95 letters per minute

Envelope Feed


Media Sizes

330mm X 381mm

Media Thickness

Up to 8mm

Integrated Weighing Options

2.5kg or 5kg

Optional Interfaced Weighing

7kg, 12kg or 35kg

Differential Weighing



840mm x 500mm x 315mm




100-240 V, 50/60Hz, 3A

Pitney Bowes Support

Download DM400M Brochure


Mailmark™ is the new mail preparation product from Royal Mail. The existing frank mark will be replaced with a new mark that has a 2D barcode, it looks different from the existing one and brings with it new possibilities.

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