Flexible mail creation for your evolving business

Relay® communications hub

The Relay® communications hub lets you modify and improve your print communications and gets you ready for sending communications digitally.  Minimize disruption by working seamlessly with your existing systems.

The Relay® communications hub is web-based software that works with your current systems so that you can easily edit or enhance your existing customer communications. It digitizes your legacy print-based documents for easy multi-channel sending and archiving. As your business evolves, the Relay Hub adapts with you, preventing expensive future upgrades or IT projects.

Customize your Relay® communications hub to address your needs with the feature packs:

Enhancement Pack

Add impact to existing documents by adding color, logos and images. Increase response rates by using white space to cross-sell directly from your transactional communications.

Mailing Pack

Consolidate documents going to the same address for better a customer experience and significant postage savings. 

Integrity Pack

Ensure the right pages go into the correct envelopes by adding OMR, Barcodes, and creating necessary files for File-Based processing

Print Conversion Pack

Maximize efficiency of current and future printers by making sure they run at full speed without interruption. Reduce file conversion time, so printing can begin when needed and get the flexibility to change printing hardware without worrying about integration with your current systems. 

Performance Pack

Keep your mail operation running even at peak times or during disruptions.  Route your print output files to Pitney Bowes print-to-mail facilities to ensure your customer communications are sent on time.  

Multi-Channel Delivery

Get your documents ready for digital sending and archiving.  Meet your customers’ channel preferences without disrupting your existing technology.