Falcon Document Scanning Workstations

OPEX® Falcon Document Scanning Workstations

The Falcon® scanner series can process payments and scan documents directly from file folders, sealed envelopes, or any other document storage type and produce images and usable data in mere seconds. Documents are handled only once, significantly reducing labour costs while increasing document security.

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Recognises double feeds, sticky notes and turned corners anywhere on a page & notifies the operator, helping produce the most accurate scanning results in the market.
Process mixed paper sizes and weights, single pages and stacks; and thick paper to onion skin to fragile or damaged pieces, without pre-sorting.
Build customised jobs down to page level. Integrates with your existing software.
Eliminates virtually all prep, paper handling and manual tasks to ensure a safe, fast, and accurate document transformation process.

One-touch scanning designed to eliminate prep.

Meet the Product Range

The Falcon® Scanner Series has a solution built for your needs.
Product Size (HxWxD): 163.45 x 259.1 x 81.97 cm
Product Size (HxWxD): 181.4 x 259.1 x 82.5 cm
Falcon+ Red
Falcon+ Red
Product Size (HxWxD): 139.7 x 282.194 x 105.66 cm