SendSuite® Tracking with Intelligent Locker Solutions

Meet increasing package and mail delivery demands.

Our solutions are the sophisticated and easy-to-use way to manage large volumes of your customer's valuable goods. The Intelligent Lockers are scalable, customisable electronic locker systems that give you a secure space to ship and store parcels. You can reduce impact on staff and eliminate line and wait times whilst providing your customers secure 24/7/365 access to their deliveries.

Why choose our solution? The lockers communicate directly with Pitney Bowes® SendSuite® receiving and tracking software, enabling superior management of all inbound deliveries.

Suitable for small, midsize and large enterprises across all industries.

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Pitney Bowes® SendSuite® Tracking with Intelligent Locker Solutions

Key features and benefits

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Complete audit trail

Our powerful SendSuite® Tracking software provides accurate visibility and help manage and report on your complicated deliveries across the entire inbound process.

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All our intelligent lockers are configurable to your inbound package receiving and tracking software

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24/7/365 access: Eliminate lines, wait-times and reduce impact on staff.

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Collections and drop-offs are recorded to monitor and register accountabilities, thus mitigating risk.

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Ease of access

Your customers enjoy simple, secure PIN / barcodes. Our automated modular package pickup system is easy to install and manage.

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Locker bank sizes can be increased at any time as your demand grows. Brand your locker to your own choosing.