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Online Case Creation FAQ

What is case creation

If you have been unable to find an answer to either an account or technical query from our online support pages, you are now able to get support from our teams by creating a case via your online account profile; this will enable us to help resolve your query quickly and efficiently.

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tip TIP: To track the status of your open cases, sign in, scroll down to the section, 'Support Cases', and select the button Manage All Cases.

Do I have to have an Online account profile to raise a case?

Yes, you will need to have registered your online account profile. If you do not have an online account, learn how to create your profile or sign up for an online account.

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What happens once I have raised a case?

Our team will review and resolve your issue. If they require any additional information from you, they will contact you to advise.

You will still be able to track the process within your online account.

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How do I know my query has been resolved?

Once you have created your case, you will be able to check the status online or alternative you can at any point contact us using any channel available (chat, phone or email) to talk to an agent - Just provide your case reference number.

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What happens if I cannot remember my case reference number?

By logging into your online account, you will be able to find all your open cases.

If you are still unable to locate your case reference number, you can contact us using chat, phone or email or to talk to an agent to assist.

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Can I put more than one query on the same Case Creation?

We would recommend raising a separate case for each query.

This enables us to resolve each issue quickly and efficiently, and not cause any delays.

open tab Create a case now


Why am I seeing "Sorry, that doesn't match our records"?



This message is advising that the account for which you are creating a case for, has not yet been added to your online account profile.

For assistance on how to add an additional account you can visit  Add billing accounts and products to your online account profile