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What is PrePay®

This allows you to pre-pay your postage. You will agree a deposit balance, which reflects your typical monthly postage amount, and this will be kept in your account at all times.


How does a deposit balance work?

Each time you downloaded postage to your meter, a direct debit for the same amount used will then be collected to ensure your balance is kept at the agreed deposit amount. This way you can never accidently run out of funds on your franking machine.


Direct Debit Notifications 

You will receive an email notification each time a direct debit is collected, as well as a monthly postage statement for all your postage downloads during that period for your records.


Important infomation

  • Its is important to note that pre-paid funds can only be used for postage resets, not for any other purchases i.e ink,envelopes etc.
  • As outlined by the Royal Mail, Pitney Bowes is authorised to hold the deposit balance funds to cover your mailing resets.


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UPDATED: 06 August 2019