Pitney Bowes® PrePay Invoice Explained

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Pitney Bowes® PrePay allows you to pre-pay your postage usage by having an Agreed PrePay Balance which will reflect your typical monthly postage spend, and will be kept in your account at all times.

Pitney Bowes® PrePay Invoice explained 
  • The value for Payment Required is calculated based on your Account Balance and full replenishment of your Agreed Prepaid balance.
  • A meter reset will be billed for the value of postage added to your meter. A Meter Reset Fee may be applied for each individual meter reset, depending on the terms of your agreement.
  • Additional charges may bill to your Pitney Bowes® PrePay account. For further detail, please visit Pitney Bowes® PrePay Fees Explained.

Pitney Bowes® PrePay payment terms and details
  • 25 days to pay your Account Balance on your invoice
  • Each time you download postage and go below your "Agreed Prepay Balance" an invoice will be generated to replenish the value of your "Agreed PrePay Balance"
  • Pre-paid funds can only be used for postage resets, and not for any other purchases i.e ink, envelopes etc.

Payment Options
There are 2 payment options available

Instructions for Direct Debit
  • Email notification is sent each time a PrePay direct debit is collected.

BACS details for all account types
  • It takes 4 working days for a BACS payment to be received by Pitney Bowes. The funds are then applied to your account by the end of the next working day. 
Bank Details for Pitney Bowes PrePay
 Bank Account number 20064777
 Sort Code 20-37-06
 IBAN GB 63 BARC 2037 0620 0647 77
 Account Address Barclays Bank
 Level 28, 1 Churchill Place
 London, E14 5HP

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As outlined by Royal Mail, Pitney Bowes is authorised to hold the PrePay balance funds to cover your mailing resets

UPDATED: 19 July 2021