Pitney Bowes® PrePay invoice explained

Pitney Bowes Prepay Billing explanation, including payment terms and fee structure of the account.
Pitney Bowes® PrePay allows you to pre-pay your postage by having an Agreed PrePay Balance which should reflect your typical monthly spend, this will be kept in your account at all times. 

Click Here to view an explanation of the Pitney Bowes Prepay invoice structure. 

Pitney Bowes® PrePay payment terms and details 

  • The full value of the invoice must be paid immediately to ensure prepaid funds are available for download. 
  • Itemised invoices are issued monthly and can be paid by either: 
    • BACS: Invoices will request payment to refill to the Agreed Prepay Balance. 
    • Direct Debit: Payments claim each time the balance dips below the agreed level. The monthly invoice itemises all payments received. 
  • Pre-paid funds can only be used for postage and subscription charges.


PrePay Invoice Summary Explained

Prepay invoice summary explained

Invoice Items Explained 

Meter Reset

The value of any postage added to the meter. 

Royal Mail Underpayment

The value and administration fee from Royal Mail for an item of mail that has been processed at the incorrect value. For further information, please contact Royal Mail.

SendPro Services

Charges relating to parcels and letters sent using PitneyShip Pro.

  •  An activity fee may be charged. The amount will be charged at £1 or 1% of the total transactions, whichever is greater.
Pitney Bowes® PrePay Fees Explained provides details for additional items that may appear on an invoice.

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UPDATED: 22 February 2024