Cancelling and Returning Equipment

Information on how to request to cancel a contract and how to return a machine. Also, learn how to apply for a refund of unused postage once a contract has been cancelled.
There are a few steps for cancelling and returning equipment. This article will guide you through how to complete each step.

1 Request cancellation

2 Withdrawing unused postage

3 Refunding Unused Postage Funds


1. Request Cancellation

To initiate a cancellation request you will need to create a case through the online portal. Once successfully submitted a Case Number will be displayed, you will also be sent an email confirmation with this information.  A representative will be assigned to your case and will assist with completing your request.

2. Withdrawing Unused Postage

Technician Installed Machines: A Pitney Bowes technician will arrange the return of your machine and any unused postage will be refunded within 10 working days of the machine being received.    
Self-Install Machines: Select the machine type from the list below for step-by-step instructions on how to withdraw any unused postage and trigger a refund. 

If you are unable to connect the meter, you can proceed with the return of a meter and Pitney Bowes will handle the refund once your old machine has been received.

3. Refunding Unused Postage

Refunds will only be received once a machine is fully cancelled, and the funds have been withdrawn from the meter. The refund will be in the form of a cheque, via the Royal Mail and can take up to 10 working days to complete.
  • For refunds under £10 email, 5 working days after withdrawal has been completed. 
  • Refunds over £10 will be issued automatically to the registered address on the account.  If you require the refund to an alternative address contact

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4. Returning a Meter 

​​​​​​Once a contract cancellation has been finalised you will be notified by a representative via email on how to return a meter. The notification will include a link to a UPS portal to arrange collection. 

If the final cancellation email has not been received or further assistance is required with a collection you can create a case.
  • For updates on booked return orders contact UPS directly on 0845 1610015. 
  • If you have selected the view/print a label option when booking a return, a driver will not be arranged to collect the machine. This option is for drop-off to a UPS access point only. Please select the option ‘3 UPS On-call pick up’ and this will trigger a collection from your premises within 3 working days.

5. Returning a Purchased meter 

Under the terms of your Royal Mail Franking license if you are not intending to use the equipment again it will need to be officially withdrawn and decommissioned.  
  • The postal security device within the machine remains the property of Pitney Bowes and once removed the machine can be returned to you or we can dispose of it via our environmentally friendly WEEE waste process.
  • If you do not want your purchased meter collected, an annual inspection is required to verify the readings, as the machine is still licensed with Royal Mail.  

UPDATED: 28 February 2023