Installing the DM60 with a Communication Device using a wireless (Wi-Fi) connection

Connect your franking machine with a Communication Device to communicate with the Pitney Bowes Data Centre for rate and software updates, postage refills and other transactions.
Products affected: DM60™ (K722)

Follow the instructions below to set up and connect your DM60 franking machine to your Wi-Fi network. Once connected, your franking machine can communicate with the Pitney Bowes Data Centre for rate and software updates, postage refills and other transactions.

Before installing the Communication Device through Wi-Fi, ensure that:

  • Your franking machine is set up and working on your network, using a network cable connected to your Communication Device.
  • You install the wireless USB Plug-in into one of the USB ports in the Communication Device.
  • A wireless access point (transmitter) is close enough to the location of your franking machine to provide good wireless signal strength.
  • You know the name (SSID) and password (security key) for your wireless network or router.
  • Any special settings are necessary to install a new device on your wireless network. Examples are static IP addresses, proxy servers or any specific wireless network settings. Contact your IT department for assistance, if required.

For more information, see the Communication Device Install Instructions.

Installing the Communications Device

  1. On a computer that is connected to the same network or router as the Communication Device, download the setup software to your computer:
    1. PC
    2. Mac
  2. Save the file to your computer on the Desktop or in the Downloads folder. The name of the application is Network Setup Utility.
  3. Go to the download location and open the downloaded file.
  4. If you need to enter a password, enter MnDqr7.
  5. Select Setup for Wireless Connection.
    Setup for wireless connection
  6. Read the User License Agreement. If you agree, select Yes.
  7. Select the SSID (name) for your wireless network.
    1. If you do not see your network listed, select Search.
    2. If your network still does not appear, disconnect the Communication Device from the franking machine and select Search again. If required, enter and re-enter the password for the selected wireless network and select Next. If the wireless network you use does not broadcast its name, the name will not appear on this list. To enter this information, scroll down and select Other Network.
  8. Select Next and enter the settings for your wireless network.
  9. If special settings are necessary for devices on your network (e.g., static IP address, proxy server or other unique wireless settings), enter them here. If your network does not require any special settings, skip these screens by selecting Next.
  10. Confirm that these are the settings you want to send to the Communication Device and select Submit.
  11. Restart the Communication Device:
    1. Disconnect the network cable and power adapter from the Communication Device. Connect the USB cable to the franking machine and Communication Device.
    2. Reconnect power to the Communication Device. Do not reconnect the network cable.
  12. Connect power to the franking machine, if necessary.
  13. After 60 seconds, check that the right LED on the Communication Device is blinking green.
  14. If you are installing the franking machine return to the DM60 Installation Guide, starting at Fix the Scale (step 3).
  15. If your franking machine is already installed, confirm that the wireless connection is working. Check your account balances to test that the franking machine is communicating with the Internet:
    1. Press Funds.
    2. Press Review (down) until Check Balance Available? appears.
    3. Press Enter/Yes.
    4. When balances appear this confirms the wireless connection is working.

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UPDATED: 03 January 2023