SendPro® C | SendPro®+ Series

Find support for your SendPro C | SendPro+ postage meter by locating your product code number, PCN, on a sticker on your device, then selecting the support page for you.

Make sure to check the PCN for your meter

Support specific to your SendPro® C | SendPro®+ is based on the model number of your meter. The PCN, or Product Code Number, is how you determine the model of your meter.

Finding Your Meter PCN:
To find the PCN - check the label on the back (bottom) of the meter,    or under the display cover as shown here.

The PCN will be either 2H20, R2H20, R2H20M, 1H20C, R1H20C, R1H20CM, or 7H20C, R7H20C, R7H20CM.

Once you confirm your meter model PCN, select an option below.


Select your printer by model number for support: