Boost Your Transactional Printing ROI with a Trusted First-Class Mail® Presort Partner

Letters, bills and statements; all important mail pieces that are sent as First-Class Mail and a top priority for delivery at the USPS®. As critical items with delivery standards, it’s necessary for print service providers to ensure timely processing while working to realize cost benefits of producing that mail.

Processed with the highest priority, transactional mail is an efficient way to deliver important documents like invoices, statements, and more. Presorting this mail helps service providers reduce postage costs by taking advantage of USPS discounts. Moreover, partnering with a trustworthy presort partner can further save on operational costs, improving your ROI.

Working with a dependable presort partner to manage the logistics of transactional mail can drive results, simplify logistics and add operational value.

Drive Results

Presorting makes the USPS’s job of delivering transactional documents easier, resulting in postage discounts. By including your mail within a larger commingling group, a presort services partner can help you achieve additional discounts that may not be available with only presorting. With a nationwide provider; the mail is transported deeper into the USPS network to a location closest to it’s final destination, for more efficient delivery and reduced mail handling touchpoints.

Simplify Logistics

By handing over your transactional mail commingling to a reliable partner, you save on equipment and operational costs. A presort partner can increase efficiency by taking care of every step in the process. They handle mail pick-up, quality checks, accurate mail sorting, induction of your mail into the USPS mailstream, and offer tracking and reporting.

Add Value to Your Operations

A presort partner adds value to your operations by handling complexities like USPS(R) documentation and compliance requirements. They can leverage updated technology to ensure ongoing operational efficiency so you don’t have to make those capital investments and most importantly, your team can focus on what you do best and not worry about mail.

Looking for a trusted partner to handle your transactional mail? Pitney Bowes Presort Services is a renowned and proven handler in mail sortation, processing billions of pieces of mail per year.