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Post-purchase marketing strategy
You've made the sale. What now? Learn how to enhance the post-purchase experience with retention and loyalty strategies, effective returns and post sales logistics.
3m read11/03/2021Domestic Solutions
How a small package shipping company can help grow your ecommerce brand
With the right small package shipping company, your ecommerce brand can create an even better online customer experience. We’ll show you how.
3m read11/03/2021Domestic Solutions
7 ecommerce returns challenges and how to solve them
Learn how tackling the challenges of ecommerce return scan optimize reverse logistics and enhance the customer experience.
4m read11/03/2021Domestic Solutions
Ground shipping vs air shipping services: Which is better for ecommerce?
With ecommerce shipping, it can be a tough call choosing between ground shipping services and air shipping. We’ll show you which is best for each type of order.
3m read11/03/2021Domestic Solutions
2021 Holiday Readiness Guide
Learn how to cut costs and maximize profits on every item you send.
3m read11/01/2021Domestic Solutions
Understanding fashion ecommerce: from purchase to fulfillment to returns
As fashion ecommerce grows, its challenges grow too. Whether it’s a sales, fulfillment, unboxing or returns challenge you’re facing, learn how your apparel brand can overcome it by embracing the opportunities online retail offers
4m read08/05/2021Domestic Solutions
The road rules of ecommerce refund and return policies
Learn what makes for a good ecommerce return policy and refine your own policy with these strategies and samples.
4m read06/21/2021Domestic Solutions
Strategies to reduce ecommerce return rates
See the most recent ecommerce return statistics and learn what you can do to reverse your own average return rates.
3m read06/17/2021Domestic Solutions
Ecommerce returns management: Best practices for handling returns
Returns are a critical component of ecommerce logistics and the customer experience. Get a crash course in ecommerce returns management, including best practices for store policies, tracking, communication, and marketing opportunities.
2m read06/16/2021Domestic Solutions
Ensuring secure package delivery for ecommerce orders
Here are some tips and strategies to delivering parcels securely.
3m read06/16/2021Domestic Solutions
Factors to consider when choosing the best package delivery service for ecommerce shipping
Which package delivery service is best for ecommerce shipping? We’ll show what factors you need to consider so that you create the best customer experience.
3m read06/14/2021Domestic Solutions
5 Things to Consider When Picking an Ecommerce Fulfillment Center
When it comes to choosing an ecommerce fulfillment center for your online business, there are crucial factors to consider before making a decision.
3m read05/26/2021Domestic Solutions
The Top 10 Ecommerce Logistics Challenges for Online Retailers
Sometimes the real challenge for online brands begins after an order is placed. Discover the top 10 ecommerce logistics challenges that hold back brands.
3m read05/26/2021Domestic Solutions
What is 3PL and How Can It Benefit Your Ecommerce Business?
Third-party logistics providers can help you grow your ecommerce business without stretching your resources or incurring additional risks and costs.
3m read05/26/2021Domestic Solutions
What is E-commerce Logistics?
Understand ecommerce logistics, supply chains, each of their moving parts, and how they apply to an online business.
4m read05/25/2021Domestic Solutions
Six simple ways to send a package without a printer
No printer? No problem. You can still greet customers with crisp, clean, professional-looking shipping labels. Read up on the best ways for small businesses to send a package without a printer.
11/23/2020Domestic Solutions
Five ways to enhance the customer experience for international buyers
Selling to regions outside of the United States requires commitment to research and a great deal of cultural understanding, localizing your brand is the first step.
3m read12/12/2017Domestic Solutions
5 challenges of selling via cross-border marketplaces
Online marketplaces offer the perfect platform for retailers that want to enter high-growth foreign markets, if they can overcome these five challenges.
3m read08/15/2017Domestic Solutions
3 Qualities missing from your cross-border ecommerce strategy
To succeed in cross-border ecommerce, you need to be successful in three key areas. For many retailers, that’s just not the case.
3m read04/18/2017Domestic Solutions
Enabling Ecommerce - Anywhere to Everywhere: Power of Precision Storify
See the most recent #PowerofPrecision chat on how Ecommerce has evolved into a thriving component of global commerce.
2m read08/08/2016Domestic Solutions
India emerges as ecommerce powerhouse
India is emerging as an attractive target for online retailing. The rise of mobile technology, cheap connectivity, and increased awareness has made Ecommerce a convenient option for many Indians.
3m read03/14/2016Domestic Solutions
Key markets for global ecommerce expansion
Pinpointing where to expand your global ecommerce strategy requires more thought and consideration than many companies are able to research.
3m read01/27/2016Domestic Solutions
Clearing out complexity in the consumer experience
While consumer cross-border commerce can be complex, it’s not stopping most retailers from taking the plunge. Online retail is flourishing.
3m read01/21/2016Domestic Solutions
A telling tale of a Canadian cross-border shopper
Millions of Canadian shoppers face confusing and frustrating hidden charges when shopping online. Here’s how retailers can win over these buyers.
3m read09/18/2015Domestic Solutions
8 Challenges for ecommerce in India
The growth of ecommerce volumes in India is attracting the attention of players around the globe. India, the second most populous country in the world, is home to 1.2 billion people.
4m read12/23/2013Domestic Solutions