End-to-end shipping control for enhanced efficiency

With smart, integrated shipping management technology, your business benefits from unprecedented end-to-end visibility and control.

Too much of a good thing is not much good at all. In business, timely, reliable, and relevant information is integral to sound decision-making. But when multiple departments generate essential data in systems not designed to share it, you’ve got tons of data — and not a lot of useful information.

The downside of shipping data silos

One unintended result of manual data entry in business operations is the creation of data silos. A data silo occurs when information entered in one department is kept separate from the rest of the company. Standalone, incompatible systems may function well for individual departments, but persistent data silos hinder visibility and contribute to inefficient operations — especially in shipping.

Data silos are less than ideal in most business scenarios, but they pose particular problems for shipping operations. Suppose your company is providing its remote employees — in multiple locations around the globe — with several items critical to their work. You run an environmentally conscious business, so you’re not shipping anything until you can ship everything, but your inbound inventory system doesn’t communicate with your outbound shipping platform. So, your global workforce is desperately waiting for critical tools that are gathering dust in your warehouse. Your inventory data knows every item on your pick list is in stock, but nobody told your shipping software.

And this is just one example of limited shipment visibility artificially limiting operating potential. Whether you have employees waiting for technology or customers eagerly anticipating your product, shipping snags interrupt the flow of your operations, add avoidable costs, and leave your intended recipient with a bad impression of your business.

Simplify and centralize

With smart, integrated shipping management technology, your business benefits from unprecedented end-to-end visibility and control. With customizable shipping software, your company is empowered to:

  • Optimize shipping savings. With access to low, pre-negotiated rates from multiple carriers, consolidated shipping payments, and precise packaging options, you can manage shipping costs for optimal savings.
  • Improve shipping efficiency. Streamline and automate shipping by eliminating manual processes for accurate, real-time tracking data from your mailroom to your final recipient.
  • Increase shipping control. Harness advanced data analytics for cost control, and choose easily scalable shipping management options that allow for quick adjustments to changing business needs.
  • Track inbound and outbound shipments in real time. Gain real-time visibility on every shipment’s location — regardless of carrier — verify successful delivery, and manage both costs and sustainability with reduced returns and redelivery fees.

Simplified, centralized shipping control adds value to the customer experience with reliable, on-time delivery. Customer satisfaction drives loyalty, and when customers have shipping options and current tracking data at their fingertips, your company delivers a more satisfying experience.

Make information meaningful

Once your business moves from manual processes to centralized, automated, end-to-end shipping control, maximize the efficiency benefits by finding meaning in the information. Accurate data increases order and shipping reliability. Centralized shipping control gathers data for quick comparisons across multiple carriers, so you can identify the best combination of shipping cost and delivery window. End-to-end, automated control virtually guarantees accurate shipment data. And when you can trust your company’s data, you can use it to manage shipping operations with real-time information and actionable insights.

Pitney Bowes offers smart, automated, and scalable management solutions for shipping operations of every size. Manage packaging, shipping, deliveries, and returns — and prioritize the customer experience — with integrated, user-friendly software and technology options designed to optimize your company’s shipping efficiency.