How a secure locker system makes delivery safer

No matter if it’s a sensitive internal document or a routine mail-order parcel, you can protect and track every delivery with a secure locker system. We’ll show you how.

Secure electronic parcel lockers are transforming mail center operations across enterprises, campuses and government agencies alike. Whether managing an unprecedented rise in packages or meeting demands for a more autonomous and contactless mail center experience, organizations are adopting smart locker systems as a safe, secure, convenient solution for parcel and document delivery.

Secure parcel lockers protect unattended deliveries

Smart locker systems offer a much higher level of access control than traditional lockers do.Thanks to their steel construction and built-in digital security features, secure parcel lockers are a safe alternative to leaving packages unattended on someone’s office desk or by the front door of an office building. These systems are much more than package theft solution though, they also help prevent parcels and documents from simply being lost, misplaced or delivered into the wrong hands. Operators place the package or document in a locker and an alert is automatically sent to the recipient with a barcode that allows them—and only them—to access the locker and retrieve the delivery.

Rugged construction delivers high security

The most secure locker offerings are built using heavy-duty, reinforced steel, allowing them to withstand heavy use and features that alert operators to any attempted breaches. Organizations are adopting secure parcel lockers to ensure all deliveries—whether personal or work-related—remain safe and available for pickup by the intended recipient.

Secure locker systems provide a chain of custody

Unlike traditional locker systems, smart electronic locker systems automatically record every step of the delivery process, from the time the parcel is scanned and placed into the locker until the parcel is removed and the locker door is closed. Some systems even include a camera to identify the individual who retrieves the parcel for an additional level of security.

Secure parcel lockers shield packages from Mother Nature

Nobody can predict the weather. If someone is not available to accept a delivery, they can rest assured knowing that their package and its contents are safe within the confines of a secure parcel locker.

Imagine a student eagerly awaiting a care package from home only to find its contents spoiled after it sat in the heat all day. Or an office worker discovering a parcel containing sensitive client documents lying soaked on the doorstep of an office. A secure locker allows recipients to retrieve a safe, dry package as their schedule—and the weather—permits.

Secure parcel lockers offer privacy and anonymity

Countless employees have their personal online orders routed to the office. Whether they’re keeping a gift secret, need to sign for high-value delivery or simply don’t want to leave a package sitting vulnerable on their porch while they’re at work, the reasons don’t really matter. What does matter is the privacy and security an office delivery to a parcel locker offers.

Privacy is also important to shoppers wanting to purchase something from a retailer discreetly and citizens requesting sensitive documents from a government agency. A secure parcel locker affords them the anonymous pickup experience they are seeking.

A secure locker system is also ideal for people who order prescriptions online, especially if they want to keep their condition private or need medication that’s easily abused.Deliveries remain out of sight to prying eyes and out of reach to potential thieves staking out front porches.

Secure parcel lockers promote contactless delivery

The COVID-19 pandemic created a global scenario practically overnight where contact between people needed to be safely managed. This was especially crucial for people with autoimmune deficiencies and preexisting health conditions.

Even with the worst behind us, the demand for contactless delivery options continues. According to one report, 75% of shoppers who used curbside delivery services during the pandemic stated that they would continue to use them afterward. Of the people who used a secure locker in the last year, 48% say that they use them for “everyday online orders.” And 51% of adults say they would like to use secure lockers for business-related packages or documents.

Parcel lockers are the ideal solution that balances convenience and safety. They streamline the number of staff needed in the mail center and allow recipients to avoid any unnecessary contact when they pick up their packages.

Secure parcel lockers provide peace of mind and convenience

The key to a secure locker system’s success is the convenience it offers. Not only do recipients gain more autonomy when it comes to their deliveries, they also avoid waiting in line like they would at a post office, mail center, or retail counter where the package or order must be fetched by staff. By having both convenience and added security built into the way parcel lockers are used, customers will be inclined to use them because of the freedom and trust they provide.

Automatic notifications maximize efficiency

Smart locker systems automatically send an electronic notification to the recipient when a parcel is placed in a locker. As a result, there are fewer calls to the mailroom asking “where is my package.” And because the smart locker system also sends an alert when the locker is once again available for use, staff can immediately delivery another parcel with no wasted time or effort.

Secure locker systems help retailers keep shipping costs low.

Nearly 15 percent of retail purchases are made online, but shoppers are very likely to abandon their carts if fast, low-cost shipping isn’t available. Smart, secure locker systems are a cost-effective solution to the problem. When the order is ready, the shopper is sent an electronic notification with a unique barcode. The shopper simply visits the nearest brick-and-mortar location to pick up the purchased items from a smart locker. Retailers can also use smart lockers to allow customers to return unwanted items securely.