Make the right technology decisions to improve business outcomes.

Key questions to consider when evaluating solutions for shipping, mailing and receiving

In today’s fast moving business environment, the right technology is no longer “nice to have,” it’s a must-have. Organizations that align technology decisions with their strategic business goals improve the ROI of those investments, maximize effectiveness and realize benefits sooner.

Optimize your decision making

It’s important to consider a variety of metrics. Here are some questions to ask when evaluating new technologies.

1. Relevance

  • Will the solution help drive better business outcomes?
  • Does it improve the user and customer experience?

2. Fit

  • Do features and capabilities match your actual business requirements?
  • Is it adaptable/extensible as your needs change?

3. Ease of use

  • Is the technology easy to implement?
  • Will workers want to use it – does it make their jobs easier?

4. Cost

  • Do the benefits outweigh the total cost of ownership?
  • How long will it take to achieve ROI?

So how does all of this relate to shipping, mailing and receiving solutions?

Efficient, cost-effective shipping, mailing and receiving are vital to the success of your business. And although the cost of sending an individual package or envelope may be small, shipping and mailing expenses often represent a significant share of an organization’s budget. So it makes good sense to evaluate sending technology such as postage meters, shipping software and smart lockers as carefully and systematically as any other technology investment.

Invest with a purpose.

Technology decisions are business decisions. Choose technology solutions that support your strategic goals. For example, a modern sending solution with multi-carrier capabilities can help companies improve customer satisfaction by providing quick delivery at low cost. The solution displays relevant rates, service options and delivery times for a number of carriers, so employees can easily identify the best choice for their needs.

Many businesses that want to attract top talent now offer the option of remote work. Cloud-based sending software makes it easier to support a distributed workforce because employees can ship and mail from anywhere.

Apply the “Goldilocks principle.”

When it comes to sending solutions, you don’t have to settle for a one-size-fits-all approach. To find the right fit for your organization’s needs, look for a supplier that offers a range of options based on sending volume. Leading providers have solutions designed for small, medium and large organizations. Fast-growing organizations may want to consider cloud-based sending software that is extensible and accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

Keep it simple.

Technology that isn’t user-friendly is a waste of time and money. So it’s important to choose solutions that are easy to implement and use. Look for solutions with features like integrated color touchscreens that guide users step-by-step through the sending process and online connectivity that makes it easy to refill postage. Does your organization need to confirm mail delivery? A solution with Electronic Return Receipt can streamline paperwork and simplify compliance while simultaneously reducing costs.

Is incoming parcel management a bottleneck in your organization? Smart locker solutions eliminate burdensome manual paperwork and increase efficiency by centralizing parcel delivery. Lockers automatically notify recipients that their parcel is ready to be picked up. They also send a message to the mailroom when the package is retrieved, completing the chain of custody.

Balance cost and business value.

Most importantly, the solution you select should deliver both economic and intangible benefits. Savings on postage and shipping rates are just the beginning. Does your solution give you visibility into spending across your organization? Can it deliver insights to support better decision making? Does it enable you to establish business rules for greater accountability and cost control? Will it give you the agility you need to deal with unexpected events? Can it help you enhance security, reduce risk and ensure compliance?

Sending and receiving solutions from Pitney Bowes can do all of this, and more. For details and a no-obligation product demonstration, please visit or contact your Pitney Bowes representative.