Can I print stamps online? Print Postage from Your Computer

There are many options for printing postage online. Whether you want to print your own stamps or use streamlined postage for bulk mailing, we can help you find the method that’s right for you.

The short answer is “yes,” and the long answer starts with “What kind of postage do you need?”

If you’re looking for printable stamps to mail letters, utility bills, invoices, and so on, you can quickly print your own stamps in sheets or rolls using PitneyShip.

If you’d rather not bother with individual stamps because you’re bulk mailing (or just aren’t a fan of tiny sticky rectangles), it’s even easier to print your postage using PitneyShip and affix it directly to your parcels.

In either case, it’s much simpler to take care of postage at home or in the office, and you’ll find it’s easier to get started once you’ve learned the basics of online postage.

How do I print stamps?

It’s easy to print stamps using PitneyShip. You can print 25 stamps per sheet on your laser or inkjet printer, or print on rolls using a special printer that is available in our shop.

You’ll need to log in to your desktop app or PitneyShip, then note the stamp sheet’s unique serial number. You can select the number of stamps you want to print, the postage class or amount you need, add extra services like certified mail, and more within the app. Once you’ve selected your options, just select “Print” and you’re good to go.

Note that these are not Forever Stamps, which means that when the Postal Service changes its rates, you will need to print postage correction stamps to use with the older stamps you have already printed. This is just as easy as printing regular stamps.

You can also bypass stamps entirely and print postage directly on shipping labels. This is often the best bet for businesses dealing with many parcels.

Can I print stamps online?

Yes, you can print stamps at home. If you’re running a business that mails and ships on an ongoing basis, an approved online shipping service or digital sending service will save you the most time and money. The steps vary by vendor, but the following directions for printing a First-Class Mail envelope with PitneyShip gives a sense of how it works.

  1. From the PitneyShip Home screen, select Stamp Sheets & Rolls.
  2. Select Envelopes.
  3. Perform any of the optional tasks needed to set up the envelope, including:
    1. Add and verify addresses
    2. Change the envelope size
    3. Preview the envelope to be printed
  4. Select Print.

Have more questions about how to print stamps at home? You’ll find the answers in our Print First-Class postage from home blog post.

Do I need special labels to print postage?

No. If you’re printing shipping labels using PitneyShip, you won’t need any additional supplies to add online postage.

Can I print stamps on regular printer paper?

No, you cannot print stamps on regular paper. Only materials approved by USPS for printing postage stamps can be used to print your own stamps. If you’re using PitneyShip®, you can order the stamp sheets and rolls you need online. Remember, if you want to print stamp rolls, you will need to get a special stamp roll printer, too.

Someone holding stamps and shipping labels

Where does the declaration go when I print online postage?

Most international shipping requires a customs declaration. If you’re using PitneyShip to print your online postage, you will also be able to print the correct single- or multi-ply customs form and attach it to your parcel separately. As long as it’s prominent and doesn’t obscure any important information on your shipping label, it’ll be fine.

What is the maximum parcel value for items sent using online postage?

It’s the same as for in-person postage—that is, as much as you and your recipient are comfortable with. If you are insuring your parcel, you will need to pay more for high-value contents, up to $5,000 through USPS®. Some products and certain items may not be insurable through USPS®, so make sure to check before printing your postage.

What are the benefits of printing postage online?

Everyone has unique needs, but most postal customers find printing their own postage online is much preferable to buying stamps in person.

  • Convenience: When you need a stamp right away, it’s hard to beat printing your own. All you need is a blank stamp or shipping label sheet, a home printer, and PitneyShip. It’s much easier and faster than scrounging for stamps hidden in drawers, making special trips to the Post Office, or waiting for delivery.

  • Cost savings: If you’re using PitneyShip to print postage directly on shipping labels, you can find substantial savings—up to 40% off of USPS® commercial rates. If you’re using it to print your own stamps, you’ll still get a discount, paying just 50 cents for a first-class stamp (currently 55 cents through USPS®).
  • Less waste: Print just what you need, and don’t worry about keeping track of extra stamps. You can even print partial sheets to keep your postal life simpler.

  • Customizable: Make your postage reflect your personality with customizable messages or select images.

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