How do I buy postage online?

You have many options for purchasing postage online. Whether you want to buy directly from USPS®, print your own stamps, or use streamlined postage for bulk mailing, we can help you find the method that’s right for you.

It all depends on what you need. If you want regular first-class stamps to mail things like letters, bills, holiday cards, and so on, you can either buy directly from USPS or print your own in sheets or rolls using PitneyShip.

Here’s how to do it in PitneyShip:

  1. Start the app on the desktop or in your browser.
  2. If you need to add funds to your USPS account, just select “Funding” from the home screen, then add a preset amount or customize the amount you need.
  3. If you’re printing shipping labels, postage is part of the process—you're done!
  4. If you want to print stamps, select “Stamp Sheets & Rolls” from the home screen, then select either sheets or rolls, the quantity you want to print, and any other options you require. Finally, select “Print.”

Buying from USPS is straightforward, though it’s easy to get lost in all the design options they have available. Once you’ve made your choice, you’ll complete your purchase and receive your stamps in a week or so.


  • Wide selection of designs
  • No special equipment required

You can also print your own stamps using PitneyShip. You just need blank stamp sheets for use in any home or business printer or blank rolls and a special stamp roll printer. All are available in our online shop.

  • Instant access—print the stamps you need when you need them
  • Cost savings—55 cent stamps cost you just 50 cents

If you don’t need individual stamps because you’re bulk mailing or simply prefer other options, it’s quite easy to print your postage directly on envelopes or shipping labels using PitneyShip.

  • No need to deal with individual stamps
  • Potential for substantial cost savings—up to 40% off USPS commercial rates

All of these methods share some benefits—chiefly, they help you avoid unnecessary trips to the post office. They also put you more in control of the process and save you time and effort.

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Can I order stamps online?

It is simple and straightforward to order stamps directly from USPS. Just browse their very broad selection, add the ones you like to your cart, complete your purchase, and wait for them to arrive (usually in a week or so). But if you need postage right away or are interested in saving postage costs, it’s worth taking a look at other options.

You can print your own stamps easily with PitneyShip—up to 25 per sheet on your laser or inkjet printer, or even entire rolls using a special printer that is available in our shop. Just log in to your desktop app or PitneyShip, then note the stamp sheet’s unique serial number. Once you’ve selected your options, click “Print” and you’ll get your stamps.

Note that these are not Forever Stamps, which means that when the Postal Service changes its rates, you will need to print postage correction stamps to use with the older stamps you have already printed. This is just as easy as printing regular stamps.

You can also bypass stamps entirely and print postage directly on shipping labels using PitneyShip. This is often best for businesses and others who require bulk mailing.

Can I buy flat rate postage online?

Yes, you can either buy it directly from USPS or print it out yourself—potentially saving on USPS rates—using PitneyShip. You will still need to get the flat rate boxes or envelopes from USPS, but you can order them directly and avoid a trip.

Am I saving money buying stamps online?

It depends on how you’re purchasing your postage. If you buy directly from USPS, you’re paying standard rates, just like everyone else—so no cost savings. 

On the other hand, if you print your own stamps or shipping labels with PitneyShip, you’ll save five cents on every first-class stamp and up to 40% on commercial postage.

How much does it cost to buy stamps online?

The current first-class domestic postage rate is 55 cents for a standard envelope, and that’s what you’ll pay USPS. Domestic postcards are 35 cents, and Global Forever international postage starts at $1.20.

You can check the USPS for the latest rates.

But it’s easy to save money on your postage costs. PitneyShip lets you buy first-class stamps for just 50 cents, almost 10% off USPS rates. And SPO discounts on commercial rates are even steeper—up to 40% off.

Can I purchase USPS postage online?

Yes. You can buy directly from USPS or print the stamps yourself using a digital service like PitneyShip. SPO offers discounts on first class and commercial postage and can be much more convenient.

Can I buy stamps on

Yes, but not reliably. Currently, stamps sold on are only available from third-party sellers, so make sure to check out the seller carefully before purchase.

There are other, more reliable sources for buying postage online:
USPS: Buying directly from USPS is quite reliable, though it can take about a week to receive your stamps.
PitneyShip: Printing your own postage is as convenient as it gets, and SPO offers significant discounts—up to 40% off commercial rates, for example.
Online retailers: Some online shops like Office Dept sell USPS stamps directly. You’ll pay regular USPS rates, but you know for sure you’ll get them, and often the shipping times are a little faster.

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