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The cat’s ordering charcuterie boards
Episode 6 – Peak Recap 2
Moonlighting MMA fighter
Episode 5 – Holiday Peak Recap
Time to cash in your (gift) chips
Gen Z and Millennials came out on top of the holiday gift card game, but spending plans vary significantly.
3m read01/21/22BOXpoll
One person’s return is another one’s treasure
Recommerce, regifting, returns…and unrealized opportunities
4m read12/22/21BOXpoll
Scotch tape…and a bottle of scotch
Online shoppers frustrated with gift wrapping yearn to have retailers do it for them
6m read12/22/21BOXpoll
Santa tracker fudge factor
Updating delivery dates after the buy button results in happier customers
5m read12/22/21BOXpoll
A (supply) chain reaction
Consumers expect supply chains disruptions to continue next year, and are already making plans
4m read12/22/21BOXpoll
The North Pole is floating off Long Beach
Despite supply chain issues, many consumers are holding out for better holiday deals
5m read11/16/21BOXpoll
Gift cards will fuel the 12 days after Christmas
More than half of consumers plan to spend gift cards received within weeks of this holiday
4m read11/16/21BOXpoll
International ecommerce, holiday port congestion and smoked salmon
Episode 2 – Trends in international ecommerce
It’s beginning to look a lot like ecommerce
Consumers plan to do more than half their holiday shopping online, and nearly half are starting early
7m read10/21/21BOXpoll
A kinder, gentler shopper?
Consumers expect to have issues shopping this holiday. Here’s how they’re adapting.
3m read08/15/21BOXpoll
Peak purchasing preview
We asked consumers when and how much they expect to spend this holiday. The answers weren’t what we were expecting.
4m read07/15/21BOXpoll
Report card time: how did consumers grade peak season?
Consistently more than half of consumers shopped online each week through peak. While 1 in 4 experienced delivery delays, most seem to have graded retailers on a curve.
4m read01/15/21BOXpoll
"Sometimes the only thing I have to look forward to."
Amid the monotony of pandemic life, consumers find value in receiving and unboxing online deliveries.
5m read12/15/20BOXpoll
Consumers may be lacking a sense of urgency
Consumers were slow to get started on online holiday shopping although 36% plan to pay for expedited shipping in the final week of the season
2m read12/15/20BOXpoll
Are consumers ‘flattening the curve’ of peak shipping volumes?
In a year when uncertainty abounds, there’s plenty to share this holiday season.
4m read11/15/20BOXpoll
Ho, ho, hold on—where’s my package?
Consumers trust small & local businesses least to deliver on time this holiday season
3m read10/15/20BOXpoll