Time to cash in your (gift) chips

Gen Z and Millennials came out on top of the holiday gift card game, but spending plans vary significantly.

Clear eyes, full stockings, can’t lose

  • Most consumers (56%) received gift cards over the holidays, and those who did received an average of 3-4.
  • Younger generations came out on top, with 60% of Gen Zers and 64% of Millennials scoring gift cards.
gift cards

Hey, big spender!

  • Those who got gift cards received the highest dollar amounts in general cards like VISA and AMEX ($60.28) and store-branded cards ($55.25). That’s not surprising, given the versatility of general cards and the staggering market share chains like Target and Walmart hold.
  • Recipients also saw high dollar values for food/beverage ($45.08), electronics ($42.28), apparel/footwear ($36.29), consistent with purchasing responses in our pre-holiday BOXpoll surveys.

Scheduling post-holiday retail therapy

  • So when will retailers see the revenue from holiday gift card sales? More than a third (39%) of consumers plan to cash in by the end of January, half (48%) plan to spend by the end of February, and 30% plan to save them until they’re needed. This data is consistent with what consumers told us in pre-holiday BOXpoll surveys.
  • Gen Z gift card holders are the most likely (41%) to save their prepaid dollars for a rainy day, while Gen Xers and Millennials are the most likely (44% and 42%, respectively) to spend in January.

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