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Transactional and Promotional Mailing: The Winning Combo in Marketing
Boost your business growth with strategic transactional and promotional mailing.
2m read12/07/2023Postage Savings
Making the Most of USPS Bulk Mail: Your Guide to Savings and Efficiency
Unlock USPS Bulk Mail Savings: Learn presorting requirements, minimums, and permit insights. Optimize efficiency with our guide for cost-effective mail campaigns.
4m read12/06/2023Postage Savings
Unleash the Power of Commingling with Pitney Bowes
Revolutionize your mailing strategy with Pitney Bowes Commingling. Maximize postage savings, reduce labor costs, and overcome mailing challenges.
3m read12/06/2023Mailing
Enhancing Reach with Integrated Direct Mail Marketing For Non-Profits
Maximize outreach and fundraising for non-profits with Pitney Bowes' Integrated Direct Mail Marketing. Streamline processes, reduce costs, and boost donations with our presort services. Your trusted partner for impactful and cost-efficient strategies.
1m read12/04/2023Mailing