Unleash the Power of Commingling with Pitney Bowes

Are you looking to up your mailing game? In the world of bicycling, it's often not the strongest team that wins, but the smartest. This philosophy applies directly to your mailings as well. Like a successful cycling team, smart mailing requires teamwork and efficiency. Here's how you can outsmart the competition with a little help from commingling and Pitney Bowes.

The Pit Stop: Understanding Commingling

If presorting your mail feels like a solitary, uphill battle, it's time to consider commingling. Unlike a solo mail stream, commingling combines individual streams into a single mailing, allowing for greater volume and more substantial postage savings. By offloading the sorting and prep work to a commingling partner like Pitney Bowes, your team frees up valuable time for more crucial tasks.

The Winning Strategy: Benefits of Commingling

Joining forces with Pitney Bowes can supercharge your mailing performance and let your mail fly to the finish line. Our winning strategy includes discovering lower postage rates, reducing labor costs, and entrusting the experts to streamline the process while meeting all USPS requirements.

Confronting the Challenges Head-On

Every race has its challenges, and in mailing, it's the escalating postage rates and associated costs, declining mail volume, and expensive resources. Like a powerful headwind, these obstacles can slow you down and increase expenditures. But don't worry, a commingling partner like Pitney Bowes can help you overcome them and remain focused on core business tasks.

Picking the Right Teammates: The Commingling Advantage

In this race, Pitney Bowes is your ideal teammate. We bring to the table mail volume and density for improved postal qualification, fixed pricing for transparency, nationwide coverage with a robust network of mail processing centers, along with an in-depth understanding of USPS compliance requirements.

Crossing the Finish Line with Pitney Bowes

Partner with Pitney Bowes and race ahead of the competition. As the #1 commingling partner for the USPS, we sort billions of mailpieces annually, which translates to deeper postage savings for you. With centers across the nation, we promise efficiency and winning results.