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Wrapped in frustration
Almost three-quarters (71%) of consumers—and 4 out of 5 Millennials— have a reason to pay someone else to wrap their presents for them.
Drumroll, please: The winners of the 2022 BOX awards
We recognize online retailers who demonstrate excellence in three pillars of the ecommerce order experience: Checkout, Tracking, and Unboxing.
5m read10/06/2022BOXpoll
Let's issue refunds in Bitcoin (and other ways to lower return rates)
Episode 8 - BOXscore Deep Dive Pt. 2
Pretty good...if you don’t remember how Fruit Loops tasted
Episode 4 – Online Brands
Scotch tape…and a bottle of scotch
Online shoppers frustrated with gift wrapping yearn to have retailers do it for them
6m read12/22/2021BOXpoll
Understanding fashion ecommerce: from purchase to fulfillment to returns
As fashion ecommerce grows, its challenges grow too. Whether it’s a sales, fulfillment, unboxing or returns challenge you’re facing, learn how your apparel brand can overcome it by embracing the opportunities online retail offers
4m read08/05/2021Domestic Solutions
Packaging in the age of YouTube
We return to one of our most popular topics—what consumers believe packaging is worth. Gen Zers (among others!) continue to surprise us.
3m read05/21/2021BOXpoll
Long distance relationships are hard
Brexit agreement redraws lines among cross-border consumer behaviors.
2m read01/15/2021BOXpoll
Report card time: how did consumers grade peak season?
Consistently more than half of consumers shopped online each week through peak. While 1 in 4 experienced delivery delays, most seem to have graded retailers on a curve.
4m read01/15/2021BOXpoll
"Sometimes the only thing I have to look forward to."
Amid the monotony of pandemic life, consumers find value in receiving and unboxing online deliveries.
5m read12/15/2020BOXpoll
Disinfecting delivery
Online shoppers are protecting themselves from germy packages.
2m read10/15/2020BOXpoll