Pitney Bowes Mail Processing Centers

Pitney’s Bowes mail centers leverage proprietary technology and our partnership with the USPS to help businesses unlock efficiencies, savings and productivity.

No business can do it alone. That’s why the USPS® works with third-party presort service providers to share the workload.

Sometimes referred to generically as mail processing centers or mail sorting centers, these third-party facilities provide postal services to businesses—including pick-up, commingling and induction into the USPS network.

Learn how Pitney’s Bowes 40+ First-Class® and direct mail centers leverage proprietary technology and our workshare partnership with the USPS to help businesses unlock new efficiencies, savings and productivity.

The benefits of outsourcing

Managing presorting in-house is always an option. But many businesses find the constant demand to invest in new equipment, retrain personnel, and keep up with evolving USPS® regulations siphons valuable time and resources from their core business. That’s when they turn to third-party mail processing centers and the presort services they offer.

Third-party mail processing centers streamline mail processing to maximize postage savings and minimize the complexity of mailing. Plus, the ability to route mail past USPS’ local entry sites optimizes delivery. 

Here’s where Pitney Bowes’ mail processing centers enter the conversation. We work hand-in-hand with you and the USPS to offer operational flexibility and augment your business with innovative solutions that improve the performance and value of your mailings.

Why mailers choose Pitney Bowes mail processing centers 

What ultimately distinguishes Pitney Bowes Operating Centers from other mail processing centers is the breadth of our nationwide network, our dedicated transportation fleet and the volume and scale of the mail we process.

As the largest USPS® workshare partner, we also have unrivaled experience in postal regulations, compliance, procedures and technology.

The commingling advantage

Faced with higher costs and tighter budgets, mail owners and mail service providers need to uncover savings wherever it’s feasible. By pooling together or “commingling” multiple client mailings, Presort Services delivers the deepest postal discounts available.

Commingled mail can also optimize delivery. Our Presort Services bypass the usual USPS origin points and head directly to the Sectional Center Facility (SCF) or Network Distribution Center (NDC) nearest the mail destination.  

The innovation advantage

Pitney Bowes Presort Services invests millions of dollars annually in next-generation robotics and automation and other process and technology innovations to eliminate costly errors and optimize speed, efficiency and accuracy.

Streamlined processing

Smart, automated technology offloads labor-intensive tasks to advanced technology that helps mail move faster from the moment it arrives at one of our 40+ operating centers.

Redundant processing

Our 40+ centers are consistently operated and capable of processing all types of mail. That means if an act of nature or other unexpected event occurs our customers can rest assured their mail will be delivered with minimal disruption.  

Quality assurance

Added precision and address accuracy helps our mailing experts verify addresses to improve deliverability and optimize postage discounts.

Record-setting speed

Our high-speed sorters can process up to 45 thousand mail pieces per hour.

Time-saving technology

Automatic tray-sleevers and pallet-wrappers dramatically reduce the time to prepare mail for delivery to the exacting standards of USPS’ exacting standards.

Smarter barcodes

Proprietary software supports the latest Intelligent Mail™ barcode (IMb) functionality. This enables the tracking and delivery validation needed to qualify for additional discounts.