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First-Class Mail® Services from Pitney Bowes
Pitney Bowes, your trusted partner for precision, secure, and compliant mail services.
1m read12/08/2023Operational Efficiency
Making the Most of USPS Bulk Mail: Your Guide to Savings and Efficiency
Unlock USPS Bulk Mail Savings: Learn presorting requirements, minimums, and permit insights. Optimize efficiency with our guide for cost-effective mail campaigns.
4m read12/06/2023Postage Savings
Unleash the Power of Commingling with Pitney Bowes
Revolutionize your mailing strategy with Pitney Bowes Commingling. Maximize postage savings, reduce labor costs, and overcome mailing challenges.
3m read12/06/2023Mailing
Enhancing Reach with Integrated Direct Mail Marketing in Education
Elevate education marketing with Pitney Bowes: Integrated Direct Mail for targeted outreach, cost savings, and impactful engagement. Your trusted partner for seamless, efficient strategies.
2m read12/05/2023Mailing
Enhancing Reach with Integrated Direct Mail Marketing For Non-Profits
Maximize outreach and fundraising for non-profits with Pitney Bowes' Integrated Direct Mail Marketing. Streamline processes, reduce costs, and boost donations with our presort services. Your trusted partner for impactful and cost-efficient strategies.
1m read12/04/2023Mailing
USPS Ground Advantage: A Guide
Learn about USPS Ground Advantage, offering delivery between 2-5 business days, and how it differs from USPS first class and priority mail here.
5m read10/05/2023Office
USPS Priority Mail® vs Priority Mail Express®: A Guide
USPS Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express are both great shipping options, but which should your business choose? Learn the differences in this guide.
2m read09/29/2023Office
2023 USPS Flat Rate Envelopes: What types and rates are there?
What is USPS flat rate shipping and how do prices for envelopes in 2023? Learn the types of envelopes available for flat rate shipping and price here.
USPS Priority Mail Cubic: What is it?
What is USPS priority mail cubic shipping, what packages can you ship and what are the prices for it? Learn more in this Pitney Bowes guide.
2023 USPS Flat Rate Shipping Guide: Boxes, Envelopes and Pricing
Learn about USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate shipping box and envelope sizes, 2023 prices, how it works in this Pitney Bowes guide.
USPS shipping rates increase July 2023 – Weight Charts & More
USPS is increasing their shipping rates in July 2023. Learn how that will impact shipping by weight and postage rates here.
The Hidden Costs of Shipping: Understanding the Total Cost of Delivery With Kevin Hernandez
The cost you pay for postage is far from the only cost associated with getting your package to its destination. Let’s look at some of the surcharges and fees associated with the total cost of delivery.
The Ins and Outs of Shipping Discounts With Christine Fede
Shipping discounts can save your business a significant amount of money. But understanding the different types of discounts and how to get them is crucial.
Managing Shipping and Mailing Costs in 2023: 9 Insights With Mark Eisenberg
Shipping and mailing costs are rising across the board in 2023. Sound shipping strategies will go a long way toward effective cost management.
USPS® IMI: Compliance comes with benefits
The USPS is decertifying all postage meters that use IBI (Information Based Indicia) technology and is adopting a new technology standard called IMI (Intelligent Mail Indicia).
03/08/2023USPS Mail News
Finding new ways to combat the rising costs of mailing.
In 2023, mailers have a handful of ways to save significantly on postage costs.
4m read12/15/2022Postage Savings
5 ways to simplify your shipping with PitneyShip® shipping software
Learn how to make shipping and mailing easier with the help of PitneyShip® shipping software. Take the complexities out of your shipping today.
What Is Presorted First-Class® and Presorted Standard Mail®?
The USPS offers discounts on Presorted First-Class Mail and Presorted Standard Mail.
3m read12/16/2021Postage Savings
2021 Holiday Readiness Guide
Learn how to cut costs and maximize profits on every item you send.
3m read11/01/2021Domestic Solutions
Get the facts: ePacket delivery from China
Learn everything you need to know about ePacket delivery from China—including, shipping, tracking, delivery times, costs and more.
4m read08/04/2021Cross-border
The impact of the USPS® 10-year plan on ecommerce and consumers
The USPS® 10-year plan, Delivering for America, has the shipping and mailing world abuzz. Mailers, shippers and workshare partners alike have reasons to both celebrate and harbor some concerns.<br><br> How will the proposed changes impact ecommerce, mail, consumers and the service the USPS is most lauded for—that famous last mile?
8m read08/03/2021USPS Mail News
Why it’s smarter to mail your books, catalogues, flats and enrollment kits with a trusted partner
The U.S. Postal Services delivers more than 6 billion packages annually and expects total package volume to increase approximately 7% by FY2030.
4m read07/02/2021Operational Efficiency
Presorting Postcards: First-Class® and Standard Mail
Learn how your organization can qualify for Standard or First-Class® presort postcard rates.
3m read06/14/2021Operational Efficiency
Factors to consider when choosing the best package delivery service for ecommerce shipping
Which package delivery service is best for ecommerce shipping? We’ll show what factors you need to consider so that you create the best customer experience.
3m read06/14/2021Domestic Solutions
US Postal Service® Bulk Mail Requirements
Learn the ins and outs of USPS® presort requirements—from how many pieces of mail qualify for bulk rate to acquiring a USPS bulk mail permit.
Nonprofit Postage Rates
The USPS offers special non-profit postage rates. Learn whether your nonprofit mailings or those of your clients qualify
2m read05/28/2021Postage Savings
Pitney Bowes Mail Processing Centers
Pitney’s Bowes mail centers leverage proprietary technology and our partnership with the USPS to help businesses unlock efficiencies, savings and productivity.
2m read05/28/2021Operational Efficiency
How to Improve the Speed of Your Marketing Mail Campaigns
How do marketing mail delays happen, and how can businesses improve the speed of their campaigns?
4m read12/30/2020Operational Efficiency
What is the difference between first class mail and regular mail?
First-Class Mail® service is an affordable and easy way for your small business to send postcards, envelopes, flats and lightweight packages.
Packages that require a customs postage form
Selling and shipping to customers overseas? Learn which type of packages require customs postage and what you need to know to correctly fill out customs forms.
What is priority mail and how does it work?
Shipping Priority Mail from home is easy and economical. Just ask all the online sellers who choose Priority Mail to save money and enhance their customer service.
5m read11/23/2020Office
What is international postage?
Ready to take your business global? Here’s everything you need to know to navigate the complexities of international postage and shipping.
What is Media Mail, and what can be shipped with it?
Media Mail® is one of the least expensive ways to ship, but only specific items qualify as “media.” Learn what those items are and when and how you should ship via media mail.
5m read11/23/2020Office
Which shipping and mailing services are available online?
There are many mailing services online—but most people only need to concern themselves with the Big Three: USPS®, FedEx®, and UPS®. PitneyShip can help you decide which is the right one for your needs for any given shipment.
Thermal printer vs laser printer: What's the difference?
Between a thermal and laser printer, which should you choose to print shipping labels? While upfront costs are often similar, typically thermal printers are a better long-term deal.
3 Ways to Gain Control Over Marketing Mail Campaigns
Learn more about the marketing mail planning process to design more successful campaigns.
4m read11/19/2018Operational Efficiency
A Crash Course on the USPS® Intelligent Mail® Package Barcode, Part Three: Compliance Concerns
The U.S. Postal Service’s® Intelligent Mail® package barcode (IMpb) benefits businesses in a variety of ways. The first two posts in this series covered which parcels do or don’t require the barcode, and how to apply it correctly. The final piece of the puzzle is compliance.
05/15/2017USPS Mail News
A Crash Course on the USPS® Intelligent Mail® Package Barcode, Part Two: Applying the Barcode Correctly
Looking for more information about the U.S. Postal Service’s® Intelligent Mail® package barcode (IMpb)? This three-part series will turn you into an IMpb pro.
05/09/2017USPS Mail News
A Crash Course on the USPS® Intelligent Mail® Package Barcode, Part One: Rules and Exceptions
The Intelligent Mail® package barcode (IMpb) is the U.S. Postal Service’s® bridge between physical packages and digital information, helping to deliver world-class service and tracking. In this three-part series, we’ll cover everything you need to know about IMpb.
05/09/2017USPS Mail News
Drive First-Class mail ROI with a trusted presort partner
Find out how a presort partner can help drive cost savings and simplify logistics for first-class mailings.
3m read04/21/2017Operational Efficiency
Pass-Through Postage Pricing: The Secret to Achieving Cost Certainty
Learn how you can improve operational excellence with pass through postage pricing, lowering your mailing costs.
11/19/2015Postage Savings