Discount shipping for businesses
large and small

Stop paying retail prices on postage and give your customers the discounts on shipping they’ve come to expect. With PitneyShip™ you can save on postage and access discount stamps and discount shipping labels not available at your local Post Office or carrier’s store.

Save on postage like a high-volume shipper

Most carriers only offer discount shipping and mailing if you can meet a minimum quantity of items sent. We partner with the major carriers, consolidate the sending volumes of all our users and pass those “high-volume” postage savings on to you.
Save on shipping with UPS

Save on UPS

Get up to 86% off UPS daily rates and save on UPS fees and surcharges
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Choice of carriers

Easily compare real-time prices between carriers and get the best discount shipping rates based on the size, weight and destination of your package. PitneyShip™ shipping software lets you choose your carrier, buy and print discount shipping labels, track orders and report expenses – all in one simple interface.

Save on postage today with PitneyShip™ shipping software

Give your customers exactly what they want: your products delivered with free or discounted shipping.