SendPro® C-Series leverages technology to make shipping and mailing connected

As the demands of shipping and mailing have become more rigorous and competitive, office senders are looking for complete solutions that will provide more choices and help consistently choose the right sending option. The most important concern is knowing a package or letter will be delivered on time, as intended.

And while classic postage meters have long served a critical role to help small to mid-size businesses eliminate trips to the post office and control costs, now, more than ever, digital technology can give users greater access to shipping options across the USPS®, UPS® and other major carriers.

Pitney Bowes has tapped into these technologies to create the SendPro C-Series – a mailing and shipping solution – part of the successful SendPro®/PitneyShip® family introduced in 2016. The C-Series consists of three systems (the C200, C300 and C400), which are designed specifically for small and mid-size businesses.

sendpro c series

“The great thing about the SendPro C-Series,” explains Tom Ryan, Pitney Bowes Director for Product Marketing, “is that it is a complete office sending solution. It is the simplest, all-in-one technology for shipping and mailing. The SendPro C-Series makes it easy for senders to choose the ideal sending option every time.”

Connectivity is key to the C-Series capabilities

With so many ways to send and so many different types of letters, envelopes, and packages, senders find it difficult to consistently choose the right carrier, select the class or service, and apply correct USPS postage to get the items to their destinations without wasting valuable time or money.

“Pitney Bowes is the only player to offer a complete office sending solution that transforms the classic postage meter into a complete digitally connected solution,” Ryan explains. “This connection enables the user to send and track letters, flats and parcels through multiple carriers from the C-Series system itself, desktop computer or mobile device.” The benefit is that senders can easily and consistently choose the most appropriate option, and can feel certain about their shipping and mailing decisions.

The system also centralizes tracking and cost management across carriers and multiple users. It is different than competitive solutions because it enables one person to ship a UPS package from his or her desktop computer at the same time another person can process mail and ship a package with the USPS from the C-Series device itself. And the information about each shipment and costs are consolidated and available from a single view. “This is possible,” Ryan explains, “because we have adopted technology that essentially creates a link between you, the USPS and your shipping carriers.”

How the technology adds value to your business

Even if you’re not interested in the technology behind the scenes, the way it adds value to your daily up-front sending operations cannot be ignored.

“The new C-Series brings the postage meter into a new era,” Ryan says, “creating a complete office sending solution that serves both mailing and shipping needs. The connected nature of the C-Series brings new value to clients, integrating the digital world with the physical. The SendPro C-Series incorporates value that was innovated in the last two years, including benefits of SmartLink™ technology, PitneyShip™ shipping software, SendPro P-Series, YourAccount, and new Postal Payment options for carrier bills and postage.”

The C-Series not only enables senders to connect with the major carriers, it further allows senders to easily compare shipping options and track packages across the three major carriers – from the C-Series device or a computer. The connectedness – through alerts and notifications – also helps eliminate struggles with maintaining the postage meter. And it provides the options and consistency needed to manage the cost of shipping overnights, express deliveries and packages.

Key take-aways that impact day-to-day operations

When all is said and done, it’s what the sender experiences on a daily basis that matters. The SendPro C-Series:

  • Includes a color touchscreen display that allows users to easily make the ideal mailing and shipping choices.
  • Includes an integrated, higher capacity scale that enables users to accurately calculate the correct postage and shipping charges on letters, flats and packages.
  • Enables users to compare shipping options and track packages for the USPS and other major carriers.
  • Allows senders to access shipping and tracking tools from the device or directly from his or her computer.
  • Saves time and money, including eliminating trips to the post office and automatically qualifying for USPS discounts.

“As always,” Ryan concludes, “Pitney Bowes focuses on the needs and expectations of our clients. We continue to develop innovative solutions that can meet these needs and expectations by integrating the latest and most appropriate technologies into our solutions. With our growing connectedness, we move closer to developing a healthier, digital relationship with our clients.”

Learn more about how the Pitney Bowes SendPro C-Series can help you get connected. 

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SendPro® C-Series leverages technology to make shipping and mailing connected

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