SendPro®/PitneyShip™ SendKit delivers professionalism

Good things come in small packages

The message has been delivered loud and clear: Sending large envelopes, express deliveries and packages can be a complicated, time-consuming and costly responsibility for the office sender. And now, with the USPS® changing mailing and shipping service rates in January 2017, determining the new rates and accurate labeling is even more of a concern.

Pitney Bowes developed the PitneyShip™ shipping software solution to help address the complexity the office sender faces. The all-in-one solution streamlines how companies can send anything through the USPS, UPS® and other major carriers. The solution helps to ensure precision and accuracy beginning with the carrier selection process right through tracking, delivery and cost accountability.

Introducing SendKit equipment

A complete SendPro®/PitneyShip™ solution may include the SendKit equipment, an integrated scale and printer designed to supplement the software capabilities of the solution. The scale enables you to accurately weigh and measure large envelopes and packages, helping avoid overpayment of postage. The printer allows you to easily print out professional looking labels for each item sent.

Because the twosome is so easy to use, it saves time, and your cost savings go beyond just the hard shipping costs alone.

United Kennel Club weighs in

“This is by far the most efficient and user-friendly shipping tool I have come across,” says Jeremy Kershaw, Director of Shipping and Receiving for the United Kennel Club (UKC), the largest all-breed performance-dog registry in the world. The UKC has been using the SendPro®/PitneyShip™ solution since Pitney Bowes introduced it to ensure rapid delivery of its treasured Performance Pedigree™ certificates to customers.

Kershaw appreciates how the entire solution – including the user interface and tracking capabilities – has improved the UKC’s sending process. And he attributes much of the improvement to the SendKit equipment. “The scale and label printer have sat on my desk for just a month,” he said at the outset, “and have more than paid for SendPro®/PitneyShip™ by saving time and eliminating so many steps. The printer is super-fast, with no time delay.”

Because the components are desktop, Kershaw has eliminated the traditional time-consuming process of running back and forth between a remote scale and printer and his computer. He weighs mail pieces at his desk, enters the weight in the multi-carrier user interface, compares costs and services, selects the carrier, and prints out a professional-looking label.

And then, whichever carrier the UKC has selected through the PitneyShip™ shipping software efficiently delivers the certificates to the UKC customers.

“Everything,” Kershaw summarizes, “is very consolidated now.”

Experience the SendPro®/PitneyShip™ SendKit equipment

Pitney Bowes invites you to try PitneyShip™ shipping software free for 90 days.* Find out for yourself why we think it’s the right solution for your company. And why the UKC is so satisfied.

* Postage and carrier charges apply. You must cancel within the free trial period to avoid subscription charges.

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