The convenient, secure way to meet package and mail delivery volume

Contactless delivery
Smart locker solutions offer convenient, contactless package delivery and pickup, keeping both staff and recipients safe.
Automated mobile
Complete chain of custody
Seamlessly integrate delivery lockers with PitneyTrack® Inbound, ensuring you receive and deliver with ease.
24/7 self-service access
Recipients receive automated alerts of incoming packages and assets, and can retrieve them at their convenience.
Flexible Options
With indoor, outdoor and rear-loading lockers, we have a solution that will fit your specific volume, layout and workflow requirements.
Prompt delivery and installation
Some locker options can be delivered in 4 weeks or less*. Plus, you can always rely on our superior end-to-end local service and support.
*In the contiguous U.S.

Speak with one of our smart parcel locker experts about your package delivery, asset management and storage needs.

How do ParcelPoint Smart Lockers facilitate contactless pick-up?
delivers packages
Operator delivers an item to a smart locker, automatically triggering a notification, along with a barcode, to the recipient.
scanning barcode
At the locker, the recipient scans the access barcode and verifies their identification.
grabs their package
The appropriate parcel locker door opens, allowing the recipient to take their item and go on their way.

Practical, proven solutions for today's real-world needs

Streamline your mailroom workflow for package delivery
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Streamline your mailroom workflow for package delivery

Eliminate overstuffed mailrooms, long waiting lines and misplaced packages. Automatically notify recipients when they have a pickup, Secure, contactless delivery, 24/7.

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Keeping Laptop in locker
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Provide a safe secure place to store personal belongings

Workplace Day Use provides your employees a secure place to temporarily store personal items with an easy-to-use self-service interface and unique barcodes for secure access.

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Smart parcel locker
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Flexible solutions, inside and out

We have a smart locker solution to fit specific volume, layout and workflow requirements. Our extremely durable and secure outdoor locker systems offer protection from moisture, heat cold and wind so your packages and assets are safe, secure and always accessible.

Our Rear-loading indoor lockers offer ease of use and enhanced efficiency for package loading. Click here to learn more about our Rear-Loading Lockers.

Next-gen client experience with end-to-end service

Our parcel, asset and mail locker systems provide monitored delivery and 24/7 contactless, self-service pick-up. You can rely on our superior service and support from pre-purchase to post-purchase and everything in between. Our local service teams will quickly respond to your calls and needs.

Pitney Bowes smart lockers work across a variety of organizations

women using smart locker

Smart lockers enhance government package deliveries

See how the State of Louisiana Office of Technology Services upgraded their in-person mail delivery to contactless delivery with smart parcel locker technology.

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Smart lockers for Higher education eliminate campus mail center chaos

Campuses everywhere are experiencing higher than normal package volumes. Pitney Bowes can help schools streamline their mail center processes with our smart locker receiving solutions.

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Re-imagining the office for today’s hybrid workforce

Re-imagining the office for today’s hybrid workforce

The workplace is changing—and those changes are being driven by employees who want both the flexibility to work remotely and the confidence to work safely on site. To make workers feel heard and at ease, employers are making workplaces safer, more flexible and more innovative.

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The Pitney Bowes Advantage

Superior Quality
Experience the superior build and durability of our self-service lockers made with quality steel
Complement your organization’s branding or location aesthetic with indoor color options and customized designs for both indoor and outdoor lockers
Seamless Software Integration
Seamlessly integrate with PitneyTrack Inbound, our inbound package tracking software for full end-to-end chain of custody
Payment Options
Take advantage of special financing terms and get a low, affordable monthly payment.

Speak with one of our smart parcel locker experts about your package delivery, asset management and storage needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a smart locker?

Smart lockers are the modern solution to manage package, asset delivery and storage demands. They increase efficiencies and provide secure, contactless pick-up options for recipients at their convenience. Choose from pre-configured solutions delivered in 4 weeks or less, outdoor options, or customizable solutions to fit your specific volume, space, layout and workflow requirements - Pitney Bowes has a smart locker to fit your needs. Plus, our smart lockers seamlessly integrate with receiving software, enabling you to receive and deliver with ease.

How can smart package lockers benefit my organization?

Organizations and campuses that receive large volumes of packages clearly understand the challenges in managing package receiving and delivery. An end-to-end package locker solution from Pitney Bowes provides:

  • Contactless delivery, improving the package pick-up experience for recipients
  • An additional delivery/pick-up destination freeing up space in crowded mailrooms and reducing the number of lost or misplaced packages
  • Increased efficiency of mail center labor resources
  • Additional workflows to manage internal asset delivery or even temporary storage
  • Extend mailroom hours without adding staff by offering 24/7 package pick-up

What should I look for when researching smart locker providers?

There are a number of key elements to consider. Here’s a short list:

  • Choose a partner with a strong service infrastructure who can immediately respond to your service call. This is essential to ensure your organization’s mail center continues to operate with little to no interruption.
  • Evaluate the build quality of the locker as well as its software integrations. In other words, confirm the software’s capability to deliver the operational efficiencies you need.
  • Assess the longevity and reputation of your potential partner. You want to be certain the provider can support you for the term of your business.

What is build quality and why is it important?

Build quality refers to the quality of the structure, including materials, durability and design. It’s important because many lockers are manufactured with sub-par materials, resulting in excessive maintenance and replacement costs early-on. The quality of the hardware needs to be durable enough for constant use, plus able to withstand wear and tear over time. Look for heavy-duty materials for ultimate durability.

How long does it take to implement a package, asset, and mail locker solution?

Typically, delivery from a smart locker provider can take 12 weeks or more. ParcelPoint pre-configured Express Series smart lockers are designed to meet the most common parcel delivery needs and are delivered in 4 weeks or less*. ParcelPoint modular Plus Series smart lockers are customized to meet your specific parcel and asset management needs and are delivered in 10 weeks or less.

*In the contiguous U.S.

What kind of data reporting does the system offer?

Our automated parcel locker systems provide analytics and data to help you make fact-based decisions regarding your operations and user experience.

Do the lockers have a power back-up system during outages?

Yes. Our automated package lockers come equipped with emergency battery backup to ensure the locker remains fully functional. The lockers also contain a manual override, so you can always access the locker’s contents.

Can we rebrand our lockers with our organization’s logo or colors?

Yes. Our lockers provide an excellent platform to promote school spirit by adding your logo, team mascot or other graphic images and words. Businesses and other organizations can also display their brand identity and publicize internal communications by using the lockers as a traffic-heavy billboard. The visual display ideas are endless.

Will my staff have visibility into the status of all the lockers?

Yes. The system provides full transparency into the pick-up lockers in use, duration of time that each package remains in a locker, as well as the empty lockers available for accepting contents.

Why Pitney Bowes?

Pitney Bowes has been in business for more than 100 years. Our innovative technology is ever evolving to provide customers with solutions that fit their needs today and easily scale for future growth. Our end-to-end ParcelPoint Smart Locker solutions combine the benefits of physical locker storage with the advantages of our receiving cloud/on-premise software. It’s a complete solution, coupled with unrivaled local service and the expertise of Pitney Bowes.

Elevate your package, asset and storage management with ParcelPoint Smart Lockers