Installing the mailstation series

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Products affected: mailstation™, mailstation2™
Follow these steps to install your mailstation™ or mailstation2™:
  1. When you unpack your box, check the contents against the items listed on your Quick Install Guide.
  2. Connect your meter to a power source:
    1. Plug the power adapter into the back of the meter and into an electrical outlet.
    2. When the meter asks if you have an internet connection, press Enter/Yes.
  3. Choose your connection type:
    • Wired (LAN) - requires an internet jack and a power outlet
    • Wireless (WIFI) - requires access to a wireless network and a power outlet
  4. Select and follow the instructions for your connection method. (SmartLink™ is your preferred connection method
communication device
  1. Install your scale:
    1. Place the scale on your meter.
    2. Attach the scale cable to the back of the meter.
    3. Tighten the thumb screws.
  2. Install your ink cartridge:
    1. On the meter screen, you see Add ink cartridge. Continue-Press Enter. Press Enter.
    2. Lift the cover of your meter and open the ink cartridge latch by pressing down on the unlock symbol.
    3. Remove the plastic blank cartridge and discard it.
    4. Find the included ink cartridge and remove the silver foil strip from the bottom.
    5. Install the ink cartridge into your meter, then press the top of the cartridge latch down to lock it.
    6. Close the cover, and press Enter.
    7. After two minutes, the meter asks if the ink cartridge has been installed. Press Enter.
  3. Create a test print:
    1. When prompted, insert a spare envelope or tape sheet for a test print.
    2. Insert the tape or envelope against the rear and side walls to print correctly. The system detects it and automatically begins printing.
    3. The test print appears in red ink. If the test print is good (if there are no missing or broken lines), press Yes.
  4. Add postage:
Ensure that you create and fund your postage account. You load funds to your meter from your postage account. In order to add postage to your meter, you must have funds available in your Reserve Account or USPS® prepaid account, or be using Purchase Power®. For more information, see Paying for Postage .
  1. When connected, view the amount of prepaid funds and credit available in your postage account. These funds are in your account, not on your meter, and include your initial deposit.  
  2. Press Enter. Your meter connects to the data server and checks your postage account balance.
  3. Enter the amount of postage you wish to add to your meter and press Enter.
  4. Press Enter to confirm the amount.
  5. Your meter automatically updates within a few minutes. Once the update completes, your meter is ready for use.

Troubleshooting tips: Use the Contact Us options below, if you need further assistance. Have your model number ready.

UPDATED: February 26, 2021