Wireless network connection issues on the SendPro Mailstation

Follow these steps to resolve wireless network connection issues on your SendPro Mailstation.

Products affected: SendPro® Mailstation, SendPro® Mailstation LITE (HZ0L)


The device is not connecting to the data server via a wireless network connection.
If you are experiencing issues with a wired network connection, see the topic Wired connection issues .


Network connection issues may be caused by problems with the settings, the wired connection, or a firewall.


If you are installing the device for the first time, skip to solution 2.

To troubleshoot issues with a wired network connection, follow the steps in each section below.

Solution 1: Restart the device

Restart the device.

  1. Hold the power button until the screen displays "Shutting Down."
  2. Once off wait 5 seconds.
  3. Tap the power button.

If the issue is not resolved, perform a hard reboot.

  1. Disconnect the power cord from the back of the machine.
  2. Wait ten seconds.
  3. Plug the cord back in firmly.
  4. Tap the power button

If the issue is not resolved, check for an IP address

  1. Tap the Settings icon.
  2. Tap the right arrow twice.
  3. Tap About Device.
  4. Tap Network Info.
    1. If no IP address is listed, proceed to solution 2.
    2. If an IP address is listed, proceed to solution 3.

Solution 2: Check the wireless signal strength

Check the Wi-Fi signal strength next to the Wi-Fi name when choosing your wireless network. If you are getting fewer than two bars, performance may be reduced or intermittent. Wireless signals may be degraded by physical barriers such as walls and doors, or interference from other devices such as microwaves, cordless phones and other Wi-Fi networks.

Some tips to increase wireless signal strength:

  • Relocate the device or your wireless access point so that they are closer together.
  • Turn off or move other devices that may be interfering with the signal.
  • Select another internal Wi-Fi network if one is available.

Solution 3: Check the network settings

If you are installing for the first time, skip this solution

  1. Tap the Settings icon.
  2. Tap the right arrow to advance to the next page.
  3.  Tap Network Settings.
  4. Tap Change Network Settings.
  5. Tap Wireless.
  6. Select your wireless network.
  7. Verify the network configuration is correct based on your network (DHCP vs Static IP and/or Proxy settings. For information about the connection settings required on your network, contact your IT department.

Solution 4: Check for firewall issues

Your network firewall may be blocking ports or addresses that are required for proper functioning of the device. Contact your IT department for assistance if needed.

For a complete list of the addresses that need to be unblocked, see the Advanced connectivity requirements for the SendPro Mailstation .

Solution 5: Try a wired connection

If available, try a wired connection instead.

If you are unable to connect to the internet, ask your IT department or internet provider to check the internet settings before you contact Pitney Bowes. If you need further assistance, please chat with us.

UPDATED: July 11, 2023