Postage Funding and Payments

Access instructions to add postage funds, refill a meter or postage account, and methods to purchase postage.

Paying for Postage

How to pay for postage using a Deposit account (Reserve account)
How to pay for postage using a line of credit (Purchase Power)*
​Paying for postage with a Credit Card

Adding postage funds

How to add funds to a postage meter
How to add funds to SendPro® online or PitneyShip™

Unable to Add Postage

Unable to add postage (Error 11 or 16)

*Eligibility subject to credit approval and customer verification. This is not a commitment to lend, and this does not create, and is not intended to create a legally binding obligation on either of us. Program, rates, Terms & Conditions are subject to change.

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UPDATED: November 16, 2023