Return a Replacement Meter

This article will cover how to return a recently upgraded or faulty machine, including how to receive a refund for any unused postage.
If you have recently received a replacement meter for a faulty or upgraded machine, follow the steps below to ensure the old machine is returned and any unused postage is refunded.
4 Install the New Meter


The New Meter is Received 

Once the replacement meter is received the old meter can be returned. The new meter will contain everything you need to return the old one, including a UPS shipping label and packing instructions. 

If the new meter has not been received or the return kit has not been included in the box use the Contact Us tab to connect with a representative. 

Prepare the Old Meter for Return

IMPORTANT:  Unused postage will be credited back to the original postage funding source. Funds cannot be transferred directly between meters. 

Select your model from the meter list below for instructions on how to withdraw unused postage.
Note: If you are unable to connect the meter, You can pack and ship non-functioning equipment back to Pitney Bowes as-is using your return kit. Funds from the inoperable meter will be withdrawn at our facility and credited to your account.
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Return a Meter 

Once your replacement meter has been organized with Pitney Bowes, the new meter will include a return kit. 
  • Everything you need to return your meter, including a UPS shipping label and packing instructions is included in the box your replacement device arrives in.
  • Drop off the meter at a UPS Store, or return it as part of a regularly scheduled UPS pickup.
    •  Note: If you call UPS to schedule a special pickup for the meter, UPS will assess a charge that Pitney Bowes will not cover.

If the new meter has not arrived or the instructions to return the old meter have not been included, you will need to Create a Case

Install the New Meter 

When the new meter is received, installation instructions will be included in the box. Instructions for Installing a Meter can also be viewed online. 

Professional Installation: If you purchased the professional installation option, Pitney Bowes will contact you to set up an appointment to install your new meter.

UPDATED: October 24, 2022