What happens to unused postage when you return a meter

Learn how account credits for unused postage are applied and what the next steps are.

Before returning a meter to Pitney Bowes, you must remove unused postage

  Unused postage returns process   

  • After you remove unused postage, Pitney Bowes will credit the account or credit card used to pay for the postage.
  • If you don’t see the unused postage credit on your account or credit card immediately, it should appear within 3 business days. Follow the steps below to confirm if unused postage credits were applied to your account.
  • Credits are applied to current balances owed first, any leftover amount can then be used for future purchases and charges.
  • If you have a credit balance in your Purchase Power credit line or Prepaid account and will not use the account going forward, learn how to Request a refund of a credit balance on an account

Confirm postage credits have applied 

Line of Credit (Purchase Power)

  1. The account is credited within 1-2 days.
  2. Go to your recent credit line transactions to see if the credit has been applied to your account. The line item will be called Postage Refill Reversal.
    Unused postage credits for credit lines

Prepaid Account (Reserve or USPS Trust)

  1. The account will be credited immediately.
  2. Go to your recent prepaid account transactions to see if the credit has been applied to your account. The line item will be called Unused Postage Credit.
    Unused postage credits for a prepaid account 


Important: If you are no longer using a Prepaid account set up with EFT or schedule pay, cancel your EFT, Schedule Pay or ACH payments

Credit card

Pitney Bowes will return the funds to your credit card account within 3 business days. Your credit card issuer may take additional time to post it. 


UPDATED: May 09, 2024