Online Billing and Payment FAQs

UPDATED: July 24, 2017

Find answers to common questions about online billing with Pitney Bowes.




Pay Your Bills Online

Learn how to pay your bills online. You can:




View and Print Bills

You can view a copy of each billsimply by navigating to the Invoices tab, Purchase Power® tab, or Prepaid Postage (USPS or Reserve Accounts) tab, depending on what you would like to view.

  • Invoices – select the Invoice number link to view details
  • Purchase Power – select the Account number link to view details
  • Prepaid Postage – select the Statement number link to view details

My Bills




Your Account Number
Your 10-digit Account number streamlines access to your account information. 

  • Create your profile using your Account number and email address - then instantly access our enhanced online experience. 
  • You may need to add an account if you do not see your invoice(s) or all products that should be associated, once you create your profile and sign in.

 TIP: Refer to your Account number, located at the TOP of your invoice, when making payments. Learn how to identify your account numbers.




Account Overview - Summary Page  

Sign In, and on the main page select the blue button: View & Pay Bills.

view & pay bills

The Account Overview is a summary of your total balances under three account categories:

  • Invoices (lease, rental, supply)
  • Purchase Power®
  • Prepaid Postage (Reserve Account or USPS) 

Select the View & Pay buttons for more information about your invoices or statements. How do I... provides helpful links to common billing tasks.

Account Overview Summary

Select a tab for more tools and information:

  1. My Bills – see your open invoices, print an invoice, and schedule payment
  2. Bills History – access past invoices or statements
  3. Payment – view your payment history, and set up automatic payments
  4. Settings – add or change credit card or bank account information in your Pay Wallet. You can also modify your email notifications, and preferred method for bill delivery - choose paper or paperless bills.




Lease Invoice Changes


  • Lease invoices no longer reflect a previous balance of unpaid charges from prior invoices. Invoices will only reflect charges for the billing period referenced on the current invoice.
  • Late fees are no longer included in the lease invoice; listed as separate line items you can pay individually using online bill pay. Learn how to pay past due / late fee invoices online.




More Payment Information:

 TIP:  How do I... Your Account FAQs contains helpful articles about features and common tasks including: