End of lease options

Understand your options as you move through your lease with Pitney Bowes.

Getting a new meter

When you’re starting to think about getting a new meter, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does my business send packages outside of the postage meter using USPS®, UPS® and FedEx®?
  • Does my business use an office printer to print shipping labels?
  • Does my current postage meter fall short of the upcoming USPS® security requirements?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, it may be time to think about getting a new postage meter with latest, digital, USPS®-compliant technology.

View our line of digitally connected postage equipment

↪ Curious what offer is available to you? If you’re within a year of your lease ending, enter your account number here to see your offer(s), or check for a notification at the top of Your Account. If you don’t see any offers, simply call 877.914.6050 to speak with a representative.


Extending Your Lease

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Would you like to extend your current lease?

If your account is in good standing and compliant with the USPS IMI regulations, you can extend your lease beyond its original lease-end date.

    ↪ Find out if your meter is USPS IMI compliant here.

    ↪ Within a year of your lease ending, check for a notification at the top of Your Account to extend your lease.

Returning your meter

If you are looking to replace your meter with new equipment:

  1. If you have a qualifying offer, you’ll see a notification at the top of Your Account. If you’d like to speak with a sales representative, call us at 877.914.6050.
  2. Once you have completed an upgrade, you will receive your new equipment. 
  3. You will be sent a return kit with instructions on how to return your old meter.
  4. Follow the instructions in your return kit to withdraw any remaining funds; then package your original meter and scale in the box provided.
  5. Apply return label to box and hand over to the UPS®. Your original meter is received by Pitney Bowes and your replacement is complete.