End of Lease Information Center

Understand your options as you move through your lease with Pitney Bowes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out when my current postage meter lease expires?

Follow these steps to view your contract end date:

  1. Sign In to the Pitney Bowes Your Account online portal.
  2. Expand the Your Account dropdown from the navigation bar and select Contract Details. Tip: If contracts are held for equipment in multiple states, select the desired state by using the filter menu. 
  3. Select the Contract Details button for the desired contract.
  4. Navigate between the 3 tabs Product & Account Info, Contract Dates and Equipment & Software to see all information related to the contract.

How do I get a copy of my lease contract?

  1. Sign In to the Pitney Bowes Your Account online portal. 
  2. Expand the Support & Cases dropdown from the navigation bar and select Create a New Case.
  3. Select Account Support >>Contract Details
  4. Select the type of contract Lease or Rental
  5. Select the contract number to view the contract details online. or scroll down and select the No, I'd like to create a case if you need a copy of the actual contract/agreement.
  6. From the Account Number list select the account the contract is associated with.
  7. Include the Contract Number in the details section of the case.
  8. Select Submit; a confirmation page with your case reference number will be displayed.

What happens to my supplies if I get new equipment?

When you upgrade to new equipment, we will reimburse the price paid for any unused or unopened supplies returned in resalable condition within six months of the purchase date.

Once I get new equipment, how do I exchange my current meter?

After setting up your new device, you’ll receive a shipping label, box, and instructions on how to pack and return your old equipment.

What happens if I choose to get my meter professionally installed?

You will get your new equipment in the mail and receive a phone call from Pitney Bowes to schedule your installation appointment. The technician will set up your new device and walk you through the features. Please use the return kit to return your original meter, as the technician will not be able to return it.

If you have questions about your installation, please call 844-256-6444 (Mon-Fri, 8am-8pm ET) or visit our support center here.

Can I transfer my postage to new equipment?

Yes, you can easily transfer any unused funds to your new device. You can find detailed instructions on how to transfer your postage here.

When will USPS require non-IMI meters to be removed from the market?

There is a lot going on, so here’s a snapshot of key dates to remember.

  • June 30, 2024: The USPS will discontinue all IBI meters after this date.* To remain compliant, you must switch to an IMI-compliant solution.
  • December 31, 2024: If your device is still non-compliant after June 30, a grace period will be provided through this date. During this time, you can continue using your current meter but are required to migrate to an IMI-compliant solution to avoid potential disruptions to your mailing operation. After this date, IBI meters will not be able to print valid postage.*
  • June 30, 2026: DM Infinity™ will be withdrawn from service at this time through a USPS-approved extension. We are fast at work to deliver a solution that meets both your needs and USPS regulations. Find information and updates on your DM Infinity replacement here.

*Due to enhanced security features, the USPS has extended the service withdrawal deadline for Connect + and SendPro P-Series devices beyond 2024. You can continue using your system through the end of the current lease period and transition to an IMI solution at that time.

Why did the USPS mandate a move to the IMI standard?

Postage and transaction data that USPS gets from IBI is limited, and it inhibits them from fully automating some back-office operations (such as refunds and proper postage payment validation). The IMI standard will provide much more detailed real-time transaction data, enabling the USPS to automate operations, employ better security standards, and ensure correct postage is used.

How can I learn if my meter is either IBI or IMI technology?

Log in to Your Account to view if your meter is IBI or IMI technology. If you have more than one meter, click on each meter, and the IBI or IMI designation will appear to the right of the product code.

What if I want to cancel my lease?

  1. Sign in to the Pitney Bowes Your Account Online Portal.
  2. Select Account Support > Request Termination of Contract and then your contract type. 
  3. Complete the form and select Submit.
  4. Once the request to cancel the contract has been submitted, a representative will be assigned to your case and will assist with completing your request. Instructions will be provided on how to decommission your meter and return it to Pitney Bowes.

Note: Use the chat icon below to connect with a representative if you need further assistance when submitting a cancellation request.

How can Pitney Bowes help me meet these new USPS IMI standards today?

If you’re within a year of your lease ending, enter your account number here to see your offer(s), or check for a notification at the top of Your Account. If you don’t see any offers, simply call 877.914.6050 to speak with a representative.

What does it mean to lease a Pitney Bowes Certified Pre-Owned postage meter?

All Pitney Bowes Certified Pre-Owned SendPro® postage devices complete a rigorous quality and compliance process, including full functional testing and inspection, ensuring all devices meet Pitney Bowes’ standards of excellence. They come with the same features, functionality, and accessories as brand-new SendPro devices. You’ll also get the same service level agreement, warranty, and protections as a brand-new device, with the option to extend your coverage further. All devices are ENERGY STAR Certified and eco-friendly, using parts that have been thoroughly inspected.