Replacing a Meter with a Different Model

UPDATED: 14 March 2016

Replacement Review

Replacing your meter with a different model may involve new features and modified operations. Make a smooth transition by familiarizing yourself with the key differences between the meter you returned and the one you received as a replacement.


mailstation* (K700)    
mailstation2* (K7M0) X  
DM100i/DM200L (P700/P7L1) X  
DM125/DM225 (PR00,PRL1) X X
DM300c (G900) X X
DM200i/DM300i (DDM Series)    
DM300L (DDL3)    

PCMC = PC Meter Connect, a desktop application that enables meter connectivity through a PC's Internet connection using a USB port.

LAN = Local Area Network. Meter can connect via the Internet as a node on a LAN using PB's Constant Connection.

Paying for Postage

Learn about the different ways you can pay for postage while using your Pitney Bowes mailing machines. 

  Credit Card USPS Prepaid Purchase Power PB Reserve
Personal Post (E700) X X X X
PostPerfect (B700)   X X X
mailstation* (K700) X X X X
mailstation2* (K7M0) X X X X
DM100i/DM200L (P700/P7L1)   X X X
DM125/DM225 (PR00,PRL1)   X X X
DM300c (G900)   X X X
DM200i/DM300i (DDM Series)   X X X
DM300L (DDL3)   X X X

*mailstation ink cartridges are not interchangable. Do not insert a mailstation(K700) cartridge into a mailstation2 (K7M0).