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As we enter the next normal, companies are looking at new ways to drive value across lines of business to become more agile, secure and flexible and enable a competitive advantage.

In a more connected business landscape, shifting to digital and transforming the way your organisation operates to become digital first is a key enabler of value generation and opens up exciting new opportunities.

More and more businesses are looking to drive greater digital services and products, with 74% of executives in a recent Dell survey saying their business was investing in on-demand services to increase responsiveness and speed.1

This drive to become faster and more responsive is part of a wider shift we’re seeing where organisations seek to meet changing customer expectations and deliver enhanced experiences through greater digital capability.

After more than a year of disruption, another critical area of value for companies is agility, as they look to enable more flexibility and resilience in an uncertain business environment. In fact, 87% of businesses plan to prioritize enterprise agility over the next two years to increase greater operational efficiency and improve visibility.2

As companies look to be at the forefront of this type of change, often one of the biggest missed opportunities to enhance wider value generation is in the digital transformation of Inbound document and data workflows.

Inbound documents and data sit at the heart of how most organisations operate and yet for many companies the processes and workflows that govern mail and communications are out of date, slow and a burden on valuable internal resource.

In this blog we’ll look at how transforming Inbound document and data workflows can drive greater value across the entire business enabling better growth, more transparency, agility and responsiveness. 

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Digital transformation enables new technology to enhance business performance

By transforming document and data processes to be truly digital first, businesses can enable new technology like AI and automation to speed traditionally slow, manual workflows to be faster, more connected and accurate than ever before.

Automation as a solution to issues around agility is increasingly common too and more than 60% of businesses have accelerated some form of process automation over the past year.3

Within an inbound document and data context, automation helps drive increased value through faster response times, the elimination of human error, more robust compliance processes with full traceability and a reduction in strain on internal teams and IT resources.

Round the clock automation also enables more personal value delivery, allowing organisations to build better customer relationships with more human experiences at final point of delivery.

And with a system like our Inbound document and data workflow solution, newer tech like AI and automation can be seamlessly integrated with existing software and technology to help derive greater value from current systems.

By solving old problems with newer, more connected workflows and processes, businesses can drive new value too, increasing agility, responsiveness and flexibility and ensure greater business continuity.

Finally, automated digital processes and workflows run 24/7 to drive enhanced productivity, from harvesting and processing incoming documents to better storage, analysis and handling of high volumes of complex mail and data.


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The Pitney Bowes Inbound document and data workflow solution is end-to-end encrypted, providing total security and compliance while enabling greater operational efficiency across lines of business.

We can help seamlessly transform your workflows to deliver value through increased productivity, resilience and visibility into every piece of communication you handle, all with reduced risk and operational burden.