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The power of outsourcing: five key areas to delegate in your business
Discover the benefits of outsourcing for your business. From marketing to legalities, bookkeeping, IT, and visual content creation, outsourcing is an investment in your success.
3m read21/11/2023Digital Transformation
Bolster your business with efficient mail management: 5 tips
Boost business efficiency with our top 5 mail management strategies. Embrace digital, cloud tech, and innovative tools for cost savings and enhanced engagement.
3m read21/11/2023Postage Savings
Insourcing vs. outsourcing: the strategic choice for your mail operations
Explore the strategic decision of insourcing vs. outsourcing mail operations, addressing myths, understanding risks, and ensuring data security
3m read21/11/2023Outbound Mail
Making the most of your limited-budget campaign: 6 essential tips
Maximise your marketing impact on a budget with our 6 essential tips, including strategic color use, PURLs, and cost-effective design choices
3m read21/11/2023Digital Transformation
The benefits of Digital Invoice Processing
With Digital Invoice Processing, you can increase operational control and visibility, as well as be quicker and more agile in an evolving digital world.
5m read01/09/2022Invoice Processing
What is digital invoice processing, and why is it so important?
Digital invoice processing can drive businesses to become more adaptable, connected, and responsive while relieving the finance staff of time - consuming manual duties & reducing human error.
5m read01/09/2022Invoice Processing
A brief history of Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Pitney Bowes has created a simple digital invoice processing tool to aid clients who are grappling with paper, removing the need for unreliable OCR. 
4m read01/09/2022Invoice Processing
Three ways digital technology is helping to keep workplaces secure
Protect & secure your premises, data & employees with Pitney Bowes’ Smart Access Management system
5m read01/09/2022Visitor Management
Going digital: Trends and opportunities
You can get started right away with our seamless platform that works with existing systems & processes to deliver benefits quickly 
5m read01/09/2022Invoice Processing
Three ways smart entry systems can keep you compliant
Let Smart Access Management keep your business GDPR compliant, securely store digital copies & control who is on your site
5m read01/09/2022Visitor Management
Digital progress means nothing without people
Your employees are a valuable asset. Use tools such as Secure Outsourced Hybrid Mail to make sure your people work more effectively
4m read20/01/2022Operational Efficiency
Driving transformation to increase value across lines of business
Pitney Bowes Inbound Document and Data Workflow solution transforms complex business mail processes driving greater precision, accuracy and speed
4m read07/02/2021Inbound Mail
Total compliance in an increasingly digital world
Pitney Bowes Inbound Document and Data Workflow solutions are end-to-end encrypted for total security and can help build wider stakeholder trust with full traceability of every communication you receive.
4m read07/02/2021Inbound Mail
Shifting to digital to become more agile and responsive
Pitney Bowes Inbound Document and Data Workflow solutions help drive better handling, capture, digitisation, and classification of all your Inbound mail and data workflows.
4m read07/02/2021Inbound Mail
Increasing Operational Excellence in the next normal
The Pitney Bowes Inbound Document and Data Workflow solution can digitise your complex business inbound mail and data processes to help drive enhanced Operational Excellence.
4m read07/02/2021Inbound Mail