Driving transformation in a more connected, digital world

Adopting digital invoice processing is one of the most profitable transformation investments a business can make.

The past two years has significantly accelerated transformation across every sector as businesses have had to become more accurate, resilient and faster than ever before to better manage disruption and keep up with growing new tech capabilities.

Recent research shows that 74% of businesses will increase their investment in transformation by the end of 2022, while 83% of business leaders identified improved business performance as the key reason behind transformation investments.1

But with this accelerated evolution in the way businesses operate comes natural resistance to change and what it means for teams, people and departments. Fundamentally changing existing processes and workflows means embracing a bigger risk appetite and this often acts as a barrier for businesses looking to evolve to meet the realities of a more connected, digital world.

Almost half (44%) of leaders say one of the biggest challenges in transformation deployment is simply keeping up with the speed of change.2

It is little wonder then that C-suite and other business leaders, especially within small and medium sized businesses, may not always agree on priority areas for digital transformation implementation.

In our own research, we’ve found that some of the biggest pushback can be around transforming existing invoicing processes to shift to a digitally-driven solution that enables greater accuracy, speed and flexibility.

We have looked at some of the reasons behind this resistance and why embracing digital invoice processing could be one of the most valuable transformation investments a business can make.

Understanding the benefits of automated, digitally-driven invoice processing

Shifting to a digital invoice processing solution can significantly help businesses as they look to drive wider transformation and can be a catalyst for becoming more digitally-driven across lines of business.

Our research shows that as many as 56% of businesses show at least some resistance to switching to a new invoice processing system.3

Some of the key pain points referenced when discussing implementation challenges include retraining staff (38% of respondents), system integration (26%), recruitment of new staff (10%) and required internal resources (8%).4

While shifting to a new invoice processing solution can seem daunting at first, many of the potential challenges that businesses feel most apprehensive about can be easily overcome with better understanding of the benefits of automated digital invoice processing with Pitney Bowes.

Automated, integrated and empowering

Because the Pitney Bowes Digital Invoice Processing solution is fully automated, and uses advanced analytical capture programming language, it delivers 100% accuracy to put businesses like yours in total control of invoicing, without the need to retrain staff.

An intuitive solution that requires minimal training, the Pitney Bowes Digital Invoice Processing solution also integrates seamlessly with existing tech and workflows to ensure complete flexibility and ease of use.

Where manual processing or correction of misinterpreted data using a legacy OCR tool can be a significant drain on internal capacity and high value finance resource, automated, fully digital invoice processing enables businesses to free up staff to focus on business critical tasks that drive greater value.

Our automated solution can be a catalyst for change across the business too, helping decision-makers with deeper insights into performance while any type of invoice format is supported, including PDF, Word, Excel, scanned images, XML, EDI and HTML. This makes it fast and simple to pick up errors, automatically populate data and unlock the power of full invoice data for the entire business.

Sharing report and analytics across the business becomes easier and more secure than ever. At Pitney Bowes we also manage the technology on business’ behalf around the clock, taking full responsibility for the accuracy of processed data to deliver complete assurance. 

Discover how automated digital invoice processing could help drive your business forward

At Pitney Bowes, we understand how challenging it can be to manage change, and we know that aligning on business priorities is key to any successful transformation journey.

Our deep breadth of experience in helping diverse global businesses digitise and manage complex internal processes and workflows gives us a unique insight into how critical automating this is.

We can help your business shift to automated, fully digital invoice processing with a powerful solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing workflows and processes, without the need to hire or train new staff.