Regulatory compliance is increasingly complex in a digital business landscape

How to gear up for long-term success

As the accelerated pace of digital transformation continues to drive change across a diverse array of business sectors, perhaps one of the most complex areas of this change is regulatory compliance.

Long a pain point for businesses, compliance can seem complex, time-consuming and slow, creating frustration within organisations that do not have the type of digitally native workflows that can automate much of the “heavy lifting”.

Whether your business is enterprise scale, or a small start-up, being compliant is critical to long-term success and the penalties and financial risk of failing compliance can be significant.

Organisations particularly struggle with mail, data and printing processes, often stuck with workflows and systems that are out of date, difficult to use and lack the kind of visibility that is required in a fast-paced, digital-first business landscape.

Ensuring total regulatory compliance is crucial, especially now as rapid transformation means regulations, rules, privacy laws and data protection standards are evolving at pace in order to keep up with change.

The implications for businesses are vast as organisations now operate across a multitude of different channels and collect, store and share more personal information and data than ever before.

They must do this safely and securely too, balancing regulatory complexity with the need to deliver engaging, authentic customer experiences.

Communication sits at the heart of today’s customer relationships and this can often be across multiple devices and in a wide range of forms. A business may need to send physical letters with private details of services or accounts, it may collect or store data from website interactions and questionnaires or require securely sent digital copies of important documents.

Delivering better communication, customer service and responsiveness that aligns with key regulatory requirements like GDPR is key to building engaging relationships with customers while staying totally compliant.

Shifting to digital can increase visibility, transparency and accuracy of communication and data

Digital transformation of mailing and data processes can support far greater transparency and visibility into regulatory compliance requirements while providing more easily assessable audit trails and a reliable system of record.

At Pitney Bowes, we understand the importance of compliance and our hybrid print and mail platform can help businesses turn what is often a pain point into a competitive advantage.

Our platform allows organisations to securely send compliant digital documents for print, production and digital delivery with true end-to-end encryption for complete security.

By digitising and automating key mail processes we can provide greater insight and visibility into every communication your business sends and our intelligent platform continually scans for errors and anomalies too so you can eliminate human error.

With item level tracking and automatic address validation, we help make compliance seamless and requirements are met with minimal fuss and maximum transparency.

We also offer easy-to-use, compliant templates or print, production and digital delivery and these can be used by both in-house and remote working teams to ensure greater consistency and accuracy across every document you send. With Pitney Bowes hybrid mail and print platform you just click. We’ll do the rest.

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Regulatory compliance, on demand

As digital transformation accelerates, and way businesses communicate with customers changes, regulatory compliance will become increasingly critical to operational efficiency.

In a new, always-on digital world, transforming your approach to compliance can help your business run in a more agile, flexible and connected way, ensuring timely communications across every channel that are secure, compliant and traceable.

We understand the importance of aligning workflows and internal processes to meet compliance regulations and our hybrid mail and print platform is designed to make compliance a strength rather than a weakness, increasing visibility, transparency and accuracy of every piece communication and data your business shares.

With Pitney Bowes, you just click. We’ll do the rest.