Driving greater efficiency is critical to becoming more agile

How to get a competitive advantage

In today’s business landscape where digital transformation is happening at pace, becoming more agile and connected is more important than ever before.

The ability to move more quickly, become more customer-centric and really drive greater value across lines of business is what will give organisations a competitive advantage in the next normal.

But when it comes to mail processes, many companies don’t fully understand the huge potential benefits in leveraging automation to send more consistent communications and ensure greater business continuity.

Right now, over 60% of businesses are accelerating process automation in order to create wider value, drive operational efficiency and position for a more connected, digitally native next normal.1

And this change is happening fast, in fact, Gartner predicts that by 2022, more than 90% of large organisations globally will have adopted process automation in some form to boost efficiency and resilience.2

But how can companies leverage automation, particularly around complex mail processes, to drive greater resilience, agility and value across the wider business?

In this blog we’ll look at how Pitney Bowes’ intelligent data platform can help automate mailing processes, improve operational efficiency and create value for the entire organisation.


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Discovering a competitive advantage through innovation

Digital transformation has accelerated significantly post the disruption businesses faced in 2020, and as economies recover, the race to seize opportunities will create intense competition, regardless of sector.

In order to stay relevant and stay one step ahead of the competition, companies must shift to more digital, connected processes, identifying areas of inefficiency and pinpointing repetitive tasks that are a drain on valuable resource.

Mail processes are one of the most obvious places to start, but surprisingly overlooked as companies misjudge the scale of potential impact and performance improvements by digitising complex business mail processes.

Transforming mail processes can be done quickly, seamlessly and intelligently to help drive greater value across the entire organisation.

With Pitney Bowes’ hybrid digital mail and print platform, you can increase revenue through harder-working communications, ensuring greater consistency and more efficient, seamless delivery for better customer experiences. You just click, we’ll do the rest.

As we move into a business landscape where remote and hybrid working becomes the norm, our platform can help connect diverse teams and individuals, enabling them to work efficiency and driving productivity, wherever your employees work.

With pre-set compliant templates, you can ensure greater accuracy while eliminating human error, ensuring every document you send is consistent, correct and on time.

And because we can automate repetitive manual tasks, we can free up IT teams and other staff to focus more on higher value tasks, driving greater throughput and alleviating administrative burden.

We can help accelerate growth and enhance resiliency too by streamlining mail processes, and because our infinite scaling capacity enables you to grow at whatever pace suits your business best, you can always rely on consistent, compliant mail processes across every line of business.


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Become more agile, flexible and customer-focused

We understand how critical supporting remote teams is to driving greater agility and with our hybrid digital mail and print platform we’ll enable work from anywhere. Simply, easily and securely.

We can streamline even your most complex mailing processes and enable automated digital document sends for physical print, production or digital delivery. Every document you send will be totally compliant and accurate as our platform continually monitors for errors and validates addresses automatically too.

And by supporting you on your digital transformation journey, no matter which stage you’re currently at, we’ll drive wider value across the business, reduce regulatory risk and help drive enhanced growth and revenue.

With Pitney Bowes, you just click. We’ll do the rest.