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Connect+ takes you from final design to print in just 20 mins.


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Case study: HLC Plc

Mailing thousands of weekly payslips just got quicker –and more colourful.

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Generating quality printed mail material starts with making a sound long-term investment. It’s time to minimise downtime and optimise productivity. Connect+ is easy to use and reliable, and any user queries are resolved instantly through the e-chat facility on every machine. So start exploring your options and discover how you can benefit from a smooth, efficient mailing process with Connect+.

Simplify the way you print – save time and money


Save money and speed up projects by using a Connect+ franking machine to:

• sort, weigh, seal, stack and send mail at the touch of a button;
• automatically calculate postage to make sure you get the lowest rate;
• track expenditure so you know what you’ve spent and where.

All Connect+ models come with INVIEW™, which combines mail runs to create volume discount opportunities. The intuitive touchscreen makes Connect+ easy to use, and with 13 standard applications, you’ll get the most out of your machine right from the start.

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"It’s simple, it’s fast and anyone in the office can use it. The touchscreen means anyone can handle anything." - Dominick Fuel

Connect+ users around the globe have experienced the difference our technology can make. Read their stories and discover how switching to Connect+ could streamline and simplify the way you handle mail.