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Introducing PitneyTrack®, the next generation of inbound parcel tracking

We’re excited to announce that we are moving to a single, integrated platform for all our SaaS-based solutions - Shipping 360®. This platform prioritises security, when sending, receiving, tracking, and analysing inbound and outbound parcels and assets. As part of this transition, you'll be migrated from SendSuite Tracking Online to our new service, PitneyTrack. This will give you access to a broader range of our services, with the added benefit of flexibility, so you can tailor your solutions / subscriptions to meet your evolving business requirements.

Learn More About PitneyTrack

Experience a more streamlined user interface and an enhanced user experience

A performance dashboard for richer insights
A simple way to create and receive parcel by department and manage users
Multi-receiving and multiple parcel delivery functionality

How to prepare for your migration

Upon receiving your email or in-solution pop-up notification about your migration to PitneyTrack, please take the following steps to prepare.

For all clients

It's critical that your mobile device is digitally connected and syncs at the end of each day, to ensure a seamless migration of your data.

That’s it. We will take care of the rest. Once the migration is completed, you will be ready to experience an enhanced way to receive, track and deliver all your parcels.

Check out this Demonstration to see PitneyTrack in action

Click here to learn how to: Introduction | Receive Single Parcel | Receive Multiple Parcel | Deliver Single Parcel | Deliver Multiple Parcel | Edit | Report | Export Data | Conclusion

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we opt out or defer timing of our upgrade?

If the upgrade timing outlined in your communication doesn’t work for your schedule or business need, we will work with you to determine an alternative date and time that is more convenient.

Please reach out to if you would prefer to reschedule your upgrade.

How will I benefit from this upgrade?

Upon upgrade, you will gain immediate access to PitneyTrack, our next generation inbound parcel receiving solution. Our newest solution includes enhancements including:

  • A streamlined user interface to better meet your workflow needs.
  • An enhanced performance dashboard to access richer insights.
  • A simple way to create departments, manage users by individual or department and receive parcels by department.

You will also benefit from automatic software updates for the duration of your current lease.

To learn more about PitneyTrack please visit: or access the demonstration videos on this page.

What do I need to do to prepare for this upgrade?

It's critical that your mobile device is digitally connected and syncs at the end of each day, to ensure a seamless migration of your data.

Plus, remember to bookmark for easy access to your new PitneyTrack application.

Can we revert to the old solution if we do not like the new one?

The current version of SendSuite Tracking Online you have now will be phased out over time, so returning to the old interface is not an option.

How long will the upgrade take?

The duration of upgrade is dependent upon the amount of your historical data. Generally, the process takes between 1 to 3 days to migrate your existing data and setup users in the upgraded system.

To minimise disruption, the majority of this upgrade will take place over overnight or if we need longer than a day, will take place over the weekend.

Will we experience any disruptions during this upgrade?

The upgrade will typically be scheduled from Friday to Sunday and will take place overnight.

Once it has been completed, you will be able to access PitneyTrack with your data migrated automatically.

To begin using, please use and bookmark this link to access the Shipping 360®  platform where you can access PitneyTrack.

Will our data be migrated?

Yes, all your data from SendSuite Tracking Online will be migrated to the PitneyTrack. Once the upgrade is complete, you’ll be able to access all previous data from your current SendSuite Tracking Online account.

Before your migration date, you can also export a CSV of your data to have on hand. To learn how, visit the links below:

Will we be able to use our current log-in credentials?

Yes, your current login will be migrated as part of your data migration. You will not need new logins to access the new system- however you will need to access PitneyTrack through a new URL.

Please click here to access PitneyTrack on the Shipping 360 platform and bookmark this page so you can easily access it again.

Is there a new URL? How will we access the new site?

You can access the PitneyTrack by visiting

Do we need a new workstation or PC Requirements?

No, a new workstation(s) will not be required. Your current workstation(s) will be supported by the upgraded software.

What browsers are supported?

This upgraded software is supported by the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. It is not supported by Internet Explorer or Safari.

Are there any costs associated with this upgrade?

You will not incur any additional charges. PitneyTrack is the next generation of SendSuite Tracking Online and will be available to you for the remainder of your current lease.

Will this impact my monthly bill / invoice?

There will be no changes to your monthly bill / invoice. Your monthly statement will look the same for the duration of your current lease.

My lease will be expiring soon, what will happen after that?

Your dedicated Pitney Bowes Account Representative will reach out to you with further details.

Can we see a demonstration before the migration begins?

You can watch the PitneyTrack demonstration video above.

What user roles are supported immediately upon upgrade?

Administrative and User roles are both supported immediately at time of upgrade. Any changes to roles will need to be made through the administrator.

What features will I have access to immediately upon upgrade?

With PitneyTrack, you will experience:

  • A streamlined user interface to better meet your workflow needs.
  • An enhanced performance dashboard to access richer insights.
  • A simple way to create departments easily manage users by individual or department and receive parcels by department.
  • Multi-receiving and multi-deliver functionality
  • (SSO) Single Sign-on (coming soon)
  • Gain access to the Shipping 360, our next-generation SaaS-based sending and receiving platform.

Are there any future enhancements planned for this upgrade?

We are continually working on adding new features and functionality. With your new subscription to PitneyTrack, you’ll gain access to these new enhancements as they become available.

Once my software has been upgraded, is there someone I can contact with questions?

If you have any questions once you have been migrated, please contact Pitney Bowes Support at or your Account Representative.

Or you can visit our support page by clicking here: Pitney Bowes Support

Will the mobile tracking experience be any different from SendSuite Tracking Online mobile?

While the workflows will be very similar to SendSuite Tracking Online, you will have a new interface. Please view the demo video for an overview on the new applications.

You may also click here for instructions on how to install the application.