The benefits of smart locker systems for businesses

Discover the benefits of smart lockers and their numerous applications for your organization’s packages and assets.

Over the past decade, the way people work and shop has evolved in ways few could have predicted. Overtaxed mail centers and service counters in organizations of all types and sizes are dealing with the impacts of ecommerce, the needs of remote workers and the changing expectations of the employees, customers and constituents they serve.

Organizations of all types—universities, enterprises, government agencies—are responding to these challenges with smart parcel lockers. Let’s explore their benefits and discuss how they help modernize delivery.

Smart Lockers transform parcel & asset management

Smart Locker

Here are six reasons why you need a smart locker system for your business.

The addition of smart digital technology to lockers has created many opportunities for organizations to increase efficiency, streamline manual processes, reduce errors, improve security and enhance user satisfaction. Here are six of the many benefits of smart locker technology.

1. Smart lockers create convenient delivery options

Time is an increasingly precious commodity. Thanks to their automated nature, smart parcel lockers offer the benefit of allowing people to get on with their day without having to wait in line at a mailroom to sign for a package. When someone is sent a package, the mailroom staff simply place that package into a designated locker. The recipient then receives a notification by text or email telling them where their item has been stored and provides them with the barcode to open the locker. The recipient can then pick up their package at their convenience.

The entire experience is not only convenient for both staff and recipients, it’s completely autonomous and contactless. This means, organizations can extend mail center hours safely and securely without the need for additional staff. 

2. Smart lockers prevent theft and loss with a secure delivery option

Dealing with the cost and stress of lost, misplaced or even stolen packages impacts mailroom staff, carriers and ecommerce brands, along with the intended—and very disappointed—recipient. While it’s true that enterprise environments are vulnerable to the new wave of porch piracy, the challenge overtaxed mailrooms are dealing with most is simply misplaced or lost packages.

Smart lockers not only eliminate the opportunity to swipe unattended packages, they benefit mailrooms by providing an organized system for managing each package they receive. Once a package is placed into the specified locker, it is locked and a unique code is automatically generated and shared only with the recipient. The package sits securely within the steel enclosure until the right person is ready to pick it up.

When surveyed, 2 out of 3 respondents answered that they liked the security benefits that smart lockers provide. From storing packages securely to offering a contactless pickup option, smart lockers create a superior package delivery experience.

3. Smart lockers make contactless delivery a breeze

When a global pandemic forces people to avoid face-to-face contact as much as possible, delivery services become essential services. To keep both mailroom staff and package recipients safe, smart locker systems are the ideal solution that balance safety with convenience. Packages are dropped off at a mail center by multiple carriers. The mail center manager receiving the packages can then assign a locker within the appropriate location for each recipient. A barcode notification is then sent to the recipient to use at the locker kiosk to pick up their mail. No waiting in line at a crowded mailroom or service counter to receive their orders.

As the demand for contactless delivery solutions continues to grow, smart lockers benefit organizations by enabling safer delivery for all parties involved.

4. Smart parcel lockers can be adapted for all kinds of organizations

Smart locker technology offers benefits beyond managing busy mailrooms. Because of their versatility, smart lockers can be used in numerous types of organizations, in ways never considered before.

Hospitals have implemented smart locker systems to great success by using them to manage and distribute assets like medical supplies and documents. Government agencies are better serving their communities by offering smart locker pickups to constituents requesting forms and information. Law offices are using them to securely track sensitive documents as they’re passed back and forth. One of the unheralded benefits of smart lockers is that they support innovation and their uses are practically limitless.

5. Smart parcel lockers can be used for asset management and tracking

The benefits of smart lockers in the mailroom are more obvious, but they’re increasingly becoming a preferred solution for asset management. As touched on above, a smart locker system allows organizations to track and distribute company assets in numerous environments. From IT professionals distributing laptops and mobile devices to remote employees, to a university library checking out AV equipment to students on campus, organizations of all types are adopting smart locker solutions to better track and manage their most valuable assets. 

6. Smart parcel lockers save you money

With a smart locker system implemented, your staff will welcome the gains in efficiency, recipients will appreciate the convenient, contactless experience, and everyone involved can rest assured that the process is secure from beginning to end. The reduction in lost or misplaced mail and assets combined with the streamlined service enhancements smart lockers offer will likely save your organization money over time.

Transform your parcel and asset management with a smart locker system from Pitney Bowes

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