The benefits of buying from American smart locker manufacturers

A smart locker system is a big investment. See why choosing an American locker system is the smart investment choice for your organization.

As smart locker technology continues to evolve and create new opportunities for university campuses, government agencies, corporate offices, and online shoppers, organizations and ecommerce brands are lining up to invest in these systems. When deciding on what smart locker manufacturer to do business with, the benefits of investing in a parcel locker solution assembled by a provider based in the United States is a great way of making a smart investment that will stand the test of time. Let’s explore how.

Smart Lockers transform parcel & asset management

1. U.S. steel is a stronger material for smart lockers

Due to stringent manufacturing standards and greater quality control protocols, steel made in America is regarded as a high-quality building material that is rigorously tested. This prevents any imperfections during manufacturing, which results in stronger, longer-lasting steel. Tests have shown that American steel is both stronger and more durable, leading to a longer product lifespan. When it comes to the protection of personal goods and sensitive packages, security must be a priority.

By using high-grade materials like U.S. steel to manufacture a parcel locker unit, a smart locker manufacturer can ensure that the units will hold up to regular use for years. This not only cuts down on maintenance costs, but also gives customers peace of mind knowing that their deliveries are protected from theft and the elements. The additional quality control protocols for U.S. steel also ensures that the steel being used for your lockers is tested for defects. This prevents a faulty panel from being installed and compromising the integrity of the locker.

2. U.S.-based smart locker manufacturers can customize their products to your unique needs

Thanks to the use of U.S. steel, a smart locker solution can be designed to meet whatever challenges your organization is facing. This flexibility in design is an advantage that comes from using tested manufacturing materials. From the number of lockers to unique sizes to the shape of the locker unit, a U.S.-based manufacturing team is capable of adapting the locker units to your exact specifications.

Smart locker units can even be configured to be rear loading, allowing mailroom staff and employees to load the lockers directly. This lets recipients collect their mail quickly while allowing staff to reload them afterwards directly from the mailroom, making office mail more efficient. 

3. American-based smart locker manufacturers are better equipped to service your parcel locker systems

A smart locker manufacturer based out of the United States is better positioned to service your lockers. They will know the product inside and out and will have a trained team of technicians available for regular maintenance and emergency calls. Customer service will also know your local market and will be better equipped to handle any issues you may be experiencing. Replacement parts won’t need to be ordered from another country, which reduces downtimes, allowing your customers to get the most out of your locker technology.  

4. American-based smart locker manufacturers expedite delivery

An American-based smart locker manufacturer can turn around orders more quickly than those with solutions shipping internationally. International orders not only have further to travel, they also run the risk of being held up at customs. American-based manufacturers have the homefield advantage of the product shipping from within the U.S. In some cases, investing in a U.S.-based brand can speed up delivery to 4 weeks or less. 

Trust a smart locker manufacturer with experience

For over 100 years, Pitney Bowes has helped organizations of all sizes stay ahead of the curve in the fast-changing world of modern commerce. As a U.S.-based company, we’re proud to bring these same innovations to our smart locker technology. The enclosures for our smart lockers are manufactured using heavy duty, 16-gauge reinforced steel, allowing packages to get to their rightful recipients securely and conveniently.