Keep track of in-home delivery.


TrackMyMail is a web-based suite of services that gives 24/7 visibility to USPS® mail tracking data and automatically updates incorrect addresses and undeliverable mail so you meet USPS® move update compliance requirements.

Get complete visibility into your mailstream performance
Knowing the status of your mail on-route to its destination or when it was delivered can be critical to the success of your business. Companies depend on the timely delivery of their outbound mail statements invoices notifications and event driven marketing mail. TrackMyMail allows you to see when your mail delivery will occur if it is delayed in process and how you can react to performance results. Benefits include event assurance staffing and call center allocation inventory management compliance with regulatory mailings fraud assessment and synchronization with multi-channel marketing efforts.

Track inbound remittance payments
TrackMyMail's comprehensive suite of services includes tracking of inbound mail remittance payments and responses. Companies can anticipate their expected cash flow each day as mail is placed in the postal stream. TrackMyMail reduces the need for secondary dunning notices and expensive service interruptions.

Manage address changes
You can achieve better list hygiene lower costs and improve response rates by updating your customer database with change of address and undeliverable mail data. TrackMyMail assigns the appropriate Address Change Service (ACS™) Service Type IDs for your Intelligent Mail® barcodes collects your ACS™ data and delivers timely electronic address updates to you.

On-line reporting at the regional and individual recipient levels
TrackMyMail gives you real-time detailed mailing data at the National State NDC SCF and ZIP Levels.  Easily verify mailing quantities delivered at every level and receive notifications where and when Postal delays occur.  Confirm individual delivery data and link mailpiece delivery history across multiple campaigns.

A complete solution for Intelligent Mail® tracking and barcode assignment
TrackMyMail provides an on-line hosted solution to track mail for outbound delivery inbound remittance payments and updating and reporting of Undeliverable-As-Addressed (UAA) mail.  Mailstream performance is displayed in maps charts and statistical reports giving you an overview of delivery status at the summary level and through detailed data at the regional level.  

Predict It
Get projected in-home delivery dates based on Intelligent Mail® barcode scan results from the USPS®. Manage campaign effectiveness by analyzing delivery trends and regional delivery patterns.

Prove It
TrackMyMail - allows the mailer to view scan activity at the state NDC SCF and ZIP CodeTM levels. Use lookup features to confirm delivery by individual or seeded mail - based on name enterprise key account number or other customer defined values. Validate delivery performance and establish trends to use for future direct mail projects.

React to It
Effectively manage event driven activities call center and staffing allocations inventories compliance with regulatory mailings fraud assessment and synchronization with multi-channel marketing efforts.

Cash It
TrackMyMail tracks incoming remittance payments and reply mail allowing you to anticipate cash flow and orders. Save money on secondary dunning notices and service disconnections.

Correct It
Automatically update your customer database with electronic address updates for mail with an address change or mail that was undeliverable as addressed. Increase customer response and reduce costs through effective postage management.

Intelligent Mail® barcode Management
TrackMyMail provides a comprehensive system for automated assignment and encoding of Intelligent Mail® barcodes including Mailer IDs and Service Type selections. 

On-Demand & Scheduled Reports
Choose which reports you want emailed to you - at daily or weekly intervals - or on demand as you need them.  Select from a multitude of reports that give you daily delivery statistics across all campaigns reports that show you mail delivered early on-time or late against your targeted in-home dates or critical mail alerts based on your selected criteria.