Learn about Manage Accounts with Your Account

Within Manage Accounts in Your Account, easily access details and make updates, including modifying each Pitney Bowes account associated with your products and billing. Other features include adding your colleagues and designating their access type and permissions, and viewing details for each of your lease contracts and rental agreements.

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Colleagues I Manage |  Accounts I Access |  Contract Details



Contract Details
In the Manage Accounts section of your account, access details of each lease contract and rental agreement. Sign in; then select the blue Contract link to view specific details, including: contract and account numbers; physical and billing addresses; product information; lease start date and lease end date, with a countdown of duration remaining on agreement; rental start and end dates. 

View more information: Finding you Contract Details online.



Accounts I Access
This area of Your Account provides various account management features to make updates or changes as needed. Sign in; then select a link for specific instructions related to that task:


Colleagues I Manage
Note: This area is only available to those designated as a Manager of an account.

Sign in to access the following features available in this section:

  • Add a colleague
  • Manage colleagues’ access types and permissions
  • Delete access